Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I can officially say with high enthusiasm (and in the most dorkiest way possible) that my kids are DONE WITH THE TEETHING wooopeee!
Done. Like... D-O-N-E.

Felt good to get that out.

We took the kids to their very first dental appointments last week and they did so well. I have my own personal anxieties when it comes to dental work (wish you could see my mouth full of metal and you'd believe me) so when it came to taking the kids I was slightly nervous, but must have hid it well. Neither of the kids seemed to notice.
Initially, we thought we saw some black specks on a few of Natalie's top molars a few days before I made the appointment..I was in a panic (as was the hubby but he won't admit it) and tried the denial approach.."NOOO nope..not my kid..not a cavity..nope..are you sure it wasn't the chocolate milk she just drank?" And Ricky went along with it fueling my denial with his. And left it as a huge "?" and just scheduled the appointment for a few days after seeing the spots.
But, they aren't cavities thank you god. I even managed to whip out my worry quote of "that would figure..the child with the heart defect would have the cavities already!" but then was slapped with a huge dose of reality when the (sweet) dentist confirmed that little kids have strange teeth that have lots of grooves and bumps to hide specks of food..more than adult teeth. The black specks, like we thought, was in fact chocolate from the milk.
I don't think words can express how awesome this news was. And then we go still gleaming from the great dental news..realized that I didn't bother to ask if Natalie had all of her teeth. For the longest time I kept teeter tottering between "no she's done teething" to "hmm..not sure". And yes, because my husband listens better than I do at appointments ..the dentist told us that all 40 teeth were found.
That's one huge milestone I can get with.

Both kids dealt with teething really well. And I'm not just saying that because my head is up my butt and I feel so happy with their dental visit. I can honestly say that both kids had a very little moments with crying and screaming and some lack of sleep when it came to them growing their baby teeth..but not that much of that happened.
In fact..please don't hate me... but both of them would sometimes sleep more when they were teething.

ouch.. who threw that rock????

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