Sunday, June 14, 2009

tornados, condos, and kids

**Several, and I mean, several tornadoes have been spotted really close by where we live. And this has happened almost everyday. (I think) only one has really wreaked havoc and no one was hurt so we're not worried. The Lowe's store didn't look so good but again, no one was hurt.
Hail is also an everyday thing too. Not big hail though..about the size of a pencil eraser.
But, hey good thing we have renter's insurance! Phew.

**We're thinking of trading in the van at some point this year. We love our Caravan but to live in this state you really need 4 wheel drive. So, once things settle down and become normal and productive (in other words- job situation is good and the condo is sold and all of that jazz) we'll check out some used cars. And yeah, probably a car and not a van. We love the space we have in that van, but it's not totally necessary now especially since we have 1 full time walking 3 year old and only 1 kid who really needs a stroller. And we're not expanding the family anytime soon so..ahem. lol

**The condo! is almost on the market again! Almost! Well, because the paperwork is still being processed. And more to come later..but we're going in the "short sale" route. Kind of have to now and well, that's the deal. We'll just be glad to sell this condo and move on. And at least now we have a very capable and awesome realtor.

**Ahh the kids. Where to start?
They are on a sleep strike as I like to call it. This would be mainly because James and Natalie have now discovered that they love playing together. Which is really really nice and cute (don't get me wrong). But when we put them in bed sleepy at around 8pm and they're still jumping around and wired at 11pm it gets old. We already know that once our lease is up at this apt. we will HAVE to get a 3 bedroom so each of them can not only have their own space and privacy, but they won't keep each other awake during nap times too.
Speaking of nap time, I'm pretty sure James is doing away with his. Still trying to make sure of that this week. If that's the case, at least Natalie won't have anyone to entertain at 1pm when she should be sleeping.
Both of them are doing so well though. James is so curious now already asking lots and lots of questions about everything. And one of those things being talking about the differences between girls and boys. *thump* (that would the sound of my head hitting the table)
We use the real words with "pee pee" and crazy other words for body parts. We use the real terms so he knows. He's been obsessed with my boobs and asking about them and if he can wear my bras.

I am literally laughing out loud from typing that..sorry. LOL

But he does ask lots of questions and we love answering them. Whether it's about bras or the universe and planets or mountains and "mommy can we have a puppy?"(and that was because he read a story about Curious George and a Puppy). He has an imagination now and talks about monsters and scary things and silly things and what he likes and doesn't like. We do know now that he's afraid of the Merry-Go-Round and was afraid for Natalie's life when she rode it with her daddy today. He actually told me he was worried. So, I rubbed his back and told him how much fun she was having and that she'll be just fine and that she'll probably cry once she has to get off of it.
I was right about that too! She did cry because "horsey mommy horsey again again!!" all throughout the mall. And maybe you heard her scream it too??
I love that Natalie is a thrill-seeker. Not that James doesn't love a good thrill but he has his own way of going about it. Natalie, however, is one who we'll have to watch out for. We found a nice big rock to sit on in front of the incredibly fast flowing white water at the nearby Creek and she wanted to get closer..and closer...and even closer to the point of true danger. I worry that she doesn't have a concept of danger..and then I remember that she indeed does..she just loves the feeling of her adrenaline pumping when there is something new and exciting going on. And I have to tell you, that was really thrilling for me to sit at that water and not fall in. James did love that, too. And he held my hand the whole time.
But yes, Natalie... she is speaking so well and such a fast pace with new words and phrases that I can't keep up! Here are some snippets:
"Go away Mommy/Daddy." (
"There's so much to do!" (from Caillou)
"All in a day's work!" (from Caillou again of course)
"I'm hungry!"
"I got your feet!" (when she wants her feet tickled)
"Snakes" (emphasizing the s's when she just wants to be silly)
"You go away now" (when the first snippet isn't effective enough)
There are so many other phrases and words. If we ask her to repeat a word to learn to pronounce it she usually does and does it really well. She knows how to get our attention, how to tell us what she wants, and when ("now"), and really lets us know when she's not happy. She is really digging drawing right now and will sit there at the table for an hour or more drawing away and saying, "it's beautiful Mommy"
...and yes... it is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

" He's been obsessed with my boobs and asking about them and if he can wear my bras."

That is hilarious! If he starts singing Broadway Show Tunes, just chalk it up to a phase.

Love the bathtub picture! PP

J said...

i loved this update..and the pics!
i miss you guys sooooo much!!