Saturday, May 16, 2009

scrambled blog with a side of whiny

**I hate hate hate filling out applications!!!!! They take forever and then some to just get past the "please type your full resume here in each of these tiny separate boxes cause we don't care much for lazy people who love copying and pasting..haha you unemployed folks". Then!!! THEN!!! you enter in and re-enter things (maybe like a few more times too cause the kiddos need some tending to and the people who built this site think it's oh so hilarious that it logs you out after 2 minutes of idle time and won't save a damn thing) then you get to the 120 IQ questions which all have absolutely nothing to do with selling dog food or handing back someone's change. We aren't giving up though..there just has to be something out there.
And if it has anything to do with run-on sentences I am so there.

**I'm waiting to hear back about financial aid for the Fall semester at a local college here in Denver. NO matter what, I am getting my degree by 2012.

**Our new neighbors thought it was an awesome idea to send their young son to our door and calmly ask us to park our car to, literally, the next spot over. Next time, we're going to lie and say we're too drunk to do it.

**We have about 5 spanish-speaking channels and like 2 regular ones. One if Fox and the other is CBS (I think) and that's it. So with that equals more time to blog. We don't plan on getting cable but we are saving up for a digital converter. I hear the coupons/rebates they are now sending aren't that helpful like in the beginning. Don't know if there is much truth to that but I'll guess we'll find out next week when we get ours. I miss PBS.

**The visit to Red Rocks was such a spiritual adventure. I know it sounds so cheesy but being there was the best surprise especially since I kept telling Ricky to give up already, the road is closed. And the other side was open so his persistence paid off.

**We finally were able to give Natalie a birthday present yesterday and she loves her gifts. We got her this barking plasticy dog thing that barks when you walk it (she slept with it last night and is really attached to it) and a cool book that even I keep looking at, and a new DVD. And some more clothes.

**Natalie, when upset, tends to throw things reeeeaaally far when she's upset or busted if getting into something she's not supposed to be in..and alas..the binky is missing. And she hasn't used it since early yesterday. We are crossing our fingers that she's over it. Oh to not have to buy that piece of plastic/silicone ever again would be heaven.

**We're testing her with the potty and she's getting interested. She's not totally there. She still loves to run away if you want to take her diaper off and so on, but she at least will sit on the potty with the diaper on.

**James will use the potty if he's interested. Which is not often. Not giving up with him, but I can't be too persistent because patience is key with this child.

**I HATE CHANGING DIAPERS GAH. I keep daydreaming of just being able to buy underwear for them. And use the rest of the money to stash away for family trips.

**I can't even believe I'm going to begin to type this, but our realtor...... SUCKS! He gave up on us as soon as we signed on the dotted line. We've had no showings of the condo in 2 weeks and he keeps emailing us about a short sale. There is nothing "short" about it. We can't wait for the day to come where that condo belongs to someone else who can appreciate it. I wish we could have taken that place with us. This week, we fire the old one and hire a new one.
We remain hopeful.

**James has already made a new buddy here in our community. Aside from the ease he has with meeting new people (his favorite thing to say to someone new is "hello little boy" or .."little girl" even if that kid is way older than him). His name is Sebastian, I think he's 4, and those two get along. Even if his friend likes to play with odd things like cat poop that he found from behind a bush, James knows not to. (totally not kidding about the cat poop).

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