Monday, May 11, 2009

he's a slick one

Tonight, I read the kiddies a story after their bath since we try to do this every night if they've been good. Well, at least not acting like hellions and so tonight, we read another Curious George tale (which Natalie loves to say "George"? always as a question when saying his name..don't know why that makes me laugh all the time but it does). So, I tuck in James and say, "hey James give Mommy a kiss goodnight" and he comes closer to me as I get ready for his tiny kiss and luckily my reflexes are good because the boy tried to lick my mouth.


Then he proceeded to say, "okay Mommy I'll give you a kiss on your cheek okay??"

I'm so gullible. I'm still wiping away the spit.

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Chicke3 said...

LOL sorry it is really funny though! Miss you guys!