Tuesday, May 12, 2009

couches are not meant for sitting on they are meant for car playing only

One of the most favorite things that James loves to do is line up his toy cars and roll them across our couch. Back and forth. Forth and Back. Sometimes lining them up from bumper to bumper and sometimes lining them next to each other. He'll sometimes do that for an hour at a time and in a mommy's world that time = time to catch up on cleaning or at least, sitting somewhere to daydream about catching up on some cleaning. Natalie is usually napping so this is James' thing to do during "quiet time" if he got up too late that day and I keep him up all day.
Before we moved we had to ditch the big green couch. Gasp!? I know. That couch was awesome. But it was awesomely cheaply made and fell apart on several occasions because apparently cheaply pressed wood is enough to hold my butt (fyi- just so you know I wasn't even the one to break the couch my brothers did!!) So there!

But I know my big butt didn't help.

So anyway....... we got rid of the awesome broken big green couch because the Relocube we rented would have spit that thing back out at us and laughed. That couch was GINORMOUS.

**huge side note here** nothing..NOTHING broke in transit in that big thang. Nothing! Ha!

So..we had to dump the couch but we did save the cushions...about 10 of them and we now have 3 left. And all 3 left are the only ones with crime scene type of juice and milk stains on them. ...why do we still have these???
And see here is my deal when it comes to getting rid of things - the only rule of thumb I have is have I used that item in the past year? If the answer is "nope" I toss it or give it away. The only thing I ever really developed an emotional attachment to that's a piece of furniture is the dresser drawer I painted white and blue for James before he was born.

..and it's gone...
But! The hubby gains points because he did donate it to Goodwill. Or that's what he said. Uh oh..I hope he doesn't read that. But hey, in my defense he threw away an unopened box of tampons people! Do these males not know how much tampons cost???!!!

Ooookaaaay... So, yeah James likes to drive his cars on our couch and during the middle of this whole moving thing he borrowed my mom's couch to do said activity.
Then we get to our new apt. and he was a bit perplexed. But he dealt with it but kind of ignored his cars.
Today.... we bought a used couch from the local thrift store for $45! It was $90 but we got it half off! And trust me I was all like, "okay where are the bed bugs?.. ..Ricky why does this recliner have mulch inside of it??"
Good thing we didn't go with the recliner.
I bought a nice couch cover for $24 and it looks awesome.

And now, the car cruising has continued.

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