Saturday, April 18, 2009

cause it's always fun to mix pure exhaustion and bloggin

I just had to poke my nose through the innernette to say "hey!" and "we're still alive and kickin'!"
So much to say and as always, never a dull moment to say it. As a sit here, I am staring at empty walls and no furniture and listening to two tuckered out toddlers sleep well on the monitor.

One more day to go until we're official Denverians (?). Okay, not a real word but whatever.
One more day to go until we fly out so both kids can meet their grandma, my mom, and their grandpop, my stepdad, for the first time ever.
Ricky will trail behind about Tuesday and is driving the Caravan across the country, and full 1700 miles..ahem.. a little longer than the usual DC drive to work but he'll have the peace and quiet he's always dreamed of since the birth of his kids, so there ya go.
Small price to pay though- Natty's 2nd birthday and his 28th birthday will be in the middle of all this and we won't get to spend it all together. I think that's hitting me the hardest right now. I just hope she'll understand when she's older why we're doing what we're doing.
Well, I'm seeing double so I better get some rest. Please think of our family and pray for us. I don't normally like to be all religiousy..but we need it.
Thanks. xoxo

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Lauren said...

Good luck and let us know how it goes. Did you sell the condo?