Saturday, March 28, 2009


I was taking care of some laundry piling up on the bed..trying to get some stuff folded and all of that and walks in James.
He and Natalie have been feeling crummy all week which now seems to be due to seasonal allergies. We went into the doctors Wednesday to get Natalie's very last (like forever) RSV shot of the season but had her checked out before getting it (to make sure he little body could handle it while sick). In addition to some allergies, she has a (small) double ear infection which her doctor had quoted her ears "were doing something not so good in there". But both kids are getting a lot better just very snotty and lots of coughing.
So again..walks in James saying with a slight smile, "I don't feel good mommy". You never know how much of it is truth because he says it with that darn smile. I cuddle him up on my lap sitting on the bed, his blanket wrapped around him, enjoying the cuddly moment when out pops out a few words in his little cute voice.. "mommy..I want some new toys."

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Chicke3 said...

LOL...Awesome! Sorry thats too cute though...I know, I know....if it were my own children I may not find it that funny....but wow!