Tuesday, March 24, 2009

here are photos of kids that weren't that sick but are now

(argh) We just got over a cold 3 weeks ago and here we have another one. This is what I get for blabbing my mouth and saying, "hey Ricky isn't it nice that we had no major illnesses this winter??What a piece of cake." And all the while, we have had 3 showings of the condo since we put it on the market Friday.

Total jinx. We always save the illnesses for spring around these parts.

Enjoy. =)

Also pleased to report, NO MORE HIGHCHAIRS in our house now. Holy crap. Mah "babies" are getting too big. It's really nice to have all 4 of us at the table now. Very cozy.

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Chicke3 said...

Awwweeee!!!! They are getting so big!!!! Promise me we will have some sort of get together before you move! I want you to meet Dan! *hugs*