Friday, February 20, 2009

seriously? already?

We discovered very recently that was something was up with James and his fingernails.
At first, I was so thankful that Ricky was taking the initiative and cutting James' nails. I know how much he hates doing it and honestly? can I get some sort of award here? I'm really good at cutting their nails and have been since they were tiny and wrinkly newborns.
After him telling me that he hasn't been cutting his nails I immediately knew the jig was up.

James is already biting his nails.

And he's worked his way to his stinky toes. Luckily I caught him one day trying to bite his big toe nail and first thought of how my little brothers used to bite their toe nails, laugh hysterically about how they "taste like chicken!" Oh dear god the yuckiness of it all.
I told James that it was "kinda gross" and "please dear god stop that be nasty" and James actually stopped. Well, in front of me.
He's still taking care of his own nail grooming but I think he's stopped at the toes. I'm about 99.9% sure of it.

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