Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Heart Day ;)

I found this poem online and had to share it. There was no author though.
Valentine's Day is considered one of those "Hallmark holidays" but it's meaning is something different for us heart moms and dads.
It probably sounds silly, but Ricky and I just had a discussion today about Natalie's condition..and he asked me if Natalie had a disability (this is the first time we've ever talked about it being that). Sadly, I had to answer "yes" that technically she is, but she has such a huge, full, happy, and active life ahead of her, so you'd never know unless you saw her scars. And that is also why, Valentine's Day is full of blessings for our family and we are proud of our cutiepie Natalie. She brings more meaning to this day.
We love you Sweetpea!

A Day For Hearts

Valentines Day is celebrated with hearts of every kind,

There's paper hearts and chocolate hearts and hearts that speak our minds.
It is a day to express our love from deep inside our soul,

To acknowledge loved ones in our life and let our feelings show.
Now this day will be special in yet another way,

It's been proclaimed, in our Country, CHD Awareness Day.

On this day we will honor those born with their hearts broken,
The world will know of their plight, our silent thoughts now spoken.
We will remember loved ones, lost to CHD.

In our souls and in our hearts, forever they will be.

To those who continue to fight each day we are filled with admiration,
Your courage, faith and love for life deserve this celebration.
We also want to recognize, honor and give praise,
To those who keep our hopes alive with their kind and caring ways.

The nurses, doctors, and researchers are part of this day too,
For the many hearts that still beat on, we give our thanks to you.
A day of hearts it truly is. Hearts of red and gold.

Now add to it a brand new symbol, another heart to hold.

Please remember on this day, those with hearts not perfect,

And everyone who loves someone, with a congenital heart defect.

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