Sunday, January 25, 2009

hello innernette

Pardon me..yet again.. for the silent blog. Well, all except for my shout out to the man himself..OBAMA! Anyone out there still watch Southpark? I didn't watch it for years and then somehow got locked into it again. Not like I need another show to watch (seriously, tv time is my addiction now) but something about the newer episodes of Southpark to brighten my day. Between the episode about the internet and Obama (and maybe even the Michael Jackson one) I can't pick which is funniest.
So yeah! Natalie is now officially 21 months old already!!
Still no major walking going on lately. But she's taken a few little steps here and there. I already know what her physical therapist is going to want to do..more intense therapy which = we''ll be seeing Ms.Fran a lot more often soon.
I'm not worried. None of us are. But we're really really wanting her to walk now. Because now it's a battle of control with Natalie. She's one tough cookie.
She still is climbing like a champ, eating picky, and becoming goofier each day. And overnight she went from a size 5!!! (tiny tiny tiny) shoe to a six. Literally. Over.night. Her feet are now catching up with her tall body. She is becoming quite addicted to doodling on her doodle board we got her for the holidays and even doing more puzzles. But if the pieces don't go where she wants them to go right away she'll growl. She likes mostly what James likes and James likes what she likes. So, now they're at the phase of "well she has it now I want it too." She talks more clearly each day which we're hoping helps with her tantrums. Which do happen each day too. But it's still not as bad as I remember with the Jamester.
James. Ah James.
He is so so funny. He did, however, come down with a cold this past week and he's alot better. The rest of us didn't get it so that was weird and nice at the same time. He fell in love with the ocean themed humidifier by his side of the bed. It's funny we've used it every year since he's been born and he just now noticed it. lol
He says long sentences now like, "mommy, what are you doing?" "Mommy look! I put my truck over there!""No! You go away Natalie!" and "Roary the Racing poop". Nice touch on that last one James. He, too, speaks so clearly and more clearly each day. Some people still have a hard time understanding him, but I think because Ricky and I are around him everyday, we understand 99% of what he says. That's not bad.
And no.... he's still not potty-trained. We've given it up for a few more weeks. And by then we're going to make it special again. He just does not want to be trained. And not mentally ready for it. I do hope that by the time he's 4 he'll be trained. Or I'll be running into his class in middle school to change his diapers.

Onto other stuff.. Ricky and I both are diligently looking for full-time jobs(crap, who am I kidding, I'm looking for both full and part time). Because of the incredible and ridiculous amount of layoffs in every company he's signed up with construction is so not where it's at right now. So, desperate times call for desperate measures. We are also going to be putting our condo up for sale this month (actually, more like early Feb. cause i just realized how late we are in January). Which, by the way, I have a hard time knowing what day it is lately!! I kept thinking on Saturday it was the 21st. I swore up and down it was. lol What the heck??
We never planned on being in our first purchased home longer than 2 years so it's time to move on. Lots more stuff about this coming up soon..but it's kind of major right now and I had to add it in.
So far we've put in ..gosh I dunno.. over 8 applications a piece and so far, no bites. Never ever have we had this problem before- of being passed over for jobs that we are qualified for. And that's yet real reality of how the economy is. God only knows how many other people are going after the same jobs we are. And some of those people have college degrees I'm sure. It's so frustrating. For everyone. And now, me a stay at home mom, with a decent resume and experience and references (with no criminal record or anything) is having a hard time getting a job. This is a first for me. And Ricky. And we're competing with so many others in our exact position of needing a job like ..right now. And we have kids so that's enormous added pressure.
I'm not losing hope though. Can't. Don't have a choice.
Well, speaking of kids..check out these recent photos (yup, we have January photos people). ;)

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