Monday, January 26, 2009

grub issues

Both kids are so opposite when it comes to eating. And both kids are PICKAAAY.
It drives me insane.
One rule in the home is that I am no longer a short-order cook and haven't been for a while.
I tried the "short order" route when James was about 2 but an early age of 2. I had the thoughts of "okay okay..if I can just get him to eat something nutritious at this meal no matter what" (and I still think that but I control it).
I felt like such a sucker every time he'd push away a delicious plate of food, scoff, and ask for something else. And then, begrudgingly I'd walk into the kitchen and prepare something more tasty to his picky palate.
It only burned me in the ass more than ever. And still felt like a sucker. And a whimpy mom.
I always fear of being a whimpy mom. But I also fear of being too strict. The lines between the two, I've begun to learn, is a fine one.
In real life I can be kind of a pushover. Not as bad as I used to be, but I tend to let things slide by me way too much when it came to other people. So now, with two little ones watching my every move and listening to my every word (well, at least the words they want to hear) I had to become tougher when it came to mealtime.
Both kids love different things. Here are a few examples:
James loves pasta with melted yellow cheese, but Natalie loves it with plain spaghetti sauce, NO CHEESE or she will throw it.
Natalie will eat some of her veggies and some fries but not eat her chicken, but James will eat only the chicken at dinner.And even getting either one to eat any sort of meat is like pulling teeth.
Natalie loves loves milk (bless her) but James, now calls milk "gross and icky". Actually I shouldn't say "now" because he's been avoiding milk since I took his bottle away almost 2 years ago.
Both James and Natalie eat like birds and sometimes, I don't even know how they're surviving! They'll eat a small amount of food in the day and be fine. But maybe a day or two later they'll eat like crazy. And on the days where they refuse their lunch or dinner (or sometimes both meals) I continue with our snack schedule like usual and that's that. I question myself again, "what are they surviving off of??" They both drink juice but even that can't fill up that much. lol Oh and how they love they're juice. We now go through about 40 ounces a day for both of them. And that's even adding water to it.
But both kids love alot of the same stuff and we try to give them variety. While I'd love to only feed them organic food that is so not an option. Although, I do buy the organic ground beef and soymilk when they're on sale. And some organic veggies too. But in general, regular foods.
Both kids being so picky raises my anxiety when it comes to our family's history of diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity (me me me),various types of cancer, geeze you name it and it's there in our family.
I fear that they're picky eating will never end and they'll be fat and sick. I think that's probably every parent's worst nightmare..well, one of 'em.
While I have no problemo with them eating fries, ice-cream, and the occasional lollipop, I feel like no matter what, we still have to teach them what moderation means.


Chicke3 said...

I know easier said then done but only make one meal which it sounds like you are doing. My parents had the rule when we were little that we eat what was put in front of us or we didnt eat anything....Trust me James and Natalie may try you on this one but they will not starve...once they see that you are serious about them eating what youve fixed for them they will eat. My sister and I were picky eaters when we were little and because my parents made that rule we now pretty much will try anything put in front of us. My parents also would not let us have a drink until after we had ate what we had on our plate, then if we wanted seconds we could have a drink with our second plate of food...which was a rule we had until I was 10 because we would fill up on whatever we were drinking and not food. So maybe limiting the juice may help as well.... My mom would get my sister to drink milk by adding alittle bit of chocolate to it. I never had a problem with drinking milk besides the fact that when I was home we couldnt keep enough of it in the house lol....I am sure that as long as the kids seeing you eating in moderation they will follow your example. :::hugs::: I am not sure if this is an option for you but if you are really worried about the kids you could always try seeing a nutritionist, who can give you ideas of fun,healthy foods for you to prepare or have the kids help you prepare. My mom is pre-diabetic and she has seen a nutritionist and it has helped her and my father to eat healthier so it may also help you. Organic is not always necessary to be healthy. hope all is well other wise!

Unkempt Mommy said...

I am so guilty of catering to Scout and fixing her something different if she doesn't eat what we're having for dinner because I'm so paranoid about her going hungry. I also think I let her snack on crackers and stuff too often. I'm REALLY going to try cutting down on the snacks and only offering what we're eating for dinner....but I know it will be hard.

Isn't it crazy what little food they can survive on? Some days it seems like all Scout eats is raisins and cheese :)

Dawn B said...

Hey guys thanks so much for the comments. =)
Cassie- I love what you said about the organic food- it really isn't always healthy. I probably should have emphasized the organic part in my post- it's more about the purity of the food because they're so little. I get a bit nervous about the exposure to our kids of what's added to the meats (well to the cows and chickens and such) and to fruits and veggies (pesticides and stuff). But you are right on point about the juice too. We just started a new rule this week that if they're not having a meal and are thirsty they drink water. And if they don't drink it then so be it.
They just had their iron levels checked today and they were great. So I guess we're doing something right. LOL Of course, a half a kids' multivitamin doesn't hurt. LOL
Scout's mommy- It's almost impossible to not cater to a 21 month old with food. Occasionally, we still cater a little bit which we don't mind..really only for lunches since it's like the "what would you like?" meal. I think 21 months with eating is more difficult than a 3 year old. At least from what I've realized in our house. Good luck!!