Sunday, November 23, 2008


We will miss our HP Photosmart M417 camera.

We have no camera now.

I dropped it and that's all it took.

Now... we get to search for good holiday deals. It's pretty bad that we're looking forward to it. Cameras are already on sale. The sales will only get better. wmah ah ah


Chicke3 said...

Im so glad James is taking an interest in potty training! Poor camera....yeah I wish I had the money to get a new one as works....when it wants to lol. yeah I was in a car accident it only involved me.....I was driving home last saterday night from arundel mills mall and took the exit going from 100 to 97 heading back towards baltimore faster than what I should have...the road was wet and Im use to taking it faster and I tapped the breaks and the back end broke loose. I over corrected and ended up spinning out and taking the back tires of Bobbys car over the curb of the ramp. So far 4 grand worth of damage but it will be covered by the insurance company. Now looking back I should have went to the hospital to get my foot checked out but it didnt hurt nearly as bad as it does now, but Ive just been keeping it propped up as much as possible*which is hardly ever with school lol* and wrapped in an ace bandage. I hope you have a safe and happy thanksgiving! Soon I will be done with this semester and the offer still stands to babysit if you want me too!

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Anonymous said...

A guess a link might help. huh? PP

Dawn B said...

Thank you!!!!!
Ya know though, because we've wanting a new one for about a year now, we're looking at either a Cannon or Nikon. I myself wanted a Kodak but Mr.Ricky wants something better. Our budget is in the 100-120 range. It's worth the investment since we literally us it lol