Tuesday, November 4, 2008

cause he's the #1 star!

The last thing we needed in our household was another show to be addicted too. But! We have found a new show for James to fall in love with and it's new to the US but I think it's been broad casted in the UK (and Australia?) for at least a year now.
And it's on PBS Sprout during the mornings- Roary the Racing Car.
It's actually pretty cute and I love claymation type stuff. It ranks right up there with "Cars" and the annoyance level is low.
It's a show about an outgoing race car named Roary who lives at Silver Hatch Race Track which is ran by mechanic Big Chris (who loves to sing Elvis and rock and roll tunes). There are a few other car characters like Zizzy and Lugga.. Zizzy's the pink car (totally gearing toward girls who love cars I guess..lol) and Lugga's like Mater only a bit more relaxed and almost like he just smoked a doobie.
But it's cute and silly and there's always talk of the "the big race" which James chants constantly throughout the day.. while lining up every car he has to get ready for "the big race". When this race happens I have no idea.
But James loves it and we watch it alot. Natalie even tolerates it and that helps because he can try to hog the tv.
We used to watch Noggin like nobody's business but ever since the new season of Yo Gabba Gabba (or as James says, "Yo yo Gabba") we don't watch it as much..the 2nd season kind of sucks. It's proof that I think the success of the show went to their heads and now I totally don't get the show now.. I love the first season though.
But now we watch the Sprout channel.. Kipper, Thomas, Roary, Zoboomafoo, and Pingu..
Pingu I will never ever understand and that show kind of freaks me out. What are they saaaaaying?????

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Leanne said...

OMG, 'Roary the Racing Car'... how cute! We haven't seen it, but it'd no doubt be a hit with Ben. We'll have to watch out for it.