Sunday, November 23, 2008

armed and ready

Potty training has begun again in the Bent household.
We let the training go for about 3 weeks and once I received the following two items in the mail a week ago we were more than ready to give it another shot:

Ya see, we have a potty. A potty/stool already but the splash guard kept popping off and I can't even tell ya how many times I had to fish it out of the toilet. Also, James still prefers to sit on the toilet so I had to think of something else. I didn't want to push the potty on him since ya know hey! he would have to graduate to the toilet anyway. So, the Bjorn potty trainer is what we got. It was $24.99 and worth every single penny (from Amazon). It had a red dial at the top of it that you turn to tighten (so easily you could do it dreary eyed and half asleep like I do) and then when he's done I just lift it off the toilet and hang it on a hook.
The book we got because his Aunt Jen bought him a book about being a big brother by the same author and illustrator and James still loves that book. So, he's now reading his new book plus his other cute potty book.
So far he has peed in the potty about 2-3 times a day and is starting to be really interested in at least giving it a try. We'll take that!
We also bought some "Cars" pullups and he loves those..especially the Mater Tow truck ones. We're trying to teach him how to pull his clothes up and down.
So..we're getting there. And we're so happy for the big guy. And we're so happy that candycorn is 75% off right now.. cause we needed something for rewards at the last minute.

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