Wednesday, September 17, 2008

not your ideal way to lose weight

Ricky has lost a whole pant size (lucky man) and I have lost 7 pounds from the wretched stomach virus (also known as the Black Plague as I joked with some people at work). I seriously have no problem gaining that back with some tasty good eatin'. Problem is, we still don't have a good appetite. I keep wanting to gag when I look at food.
Cookies? blaaaach (but okay, if you insist). Then I try to eat one and I really don't want to.
A hotdog? aaahhhhh nooooo
These were two of the many foods that were laid out on tables today at a community picnic we went to tonight. Tickets we paid for about a month ago.

Note to self:
Never ever pay for food in advance.
K Thanks.

The kids are doing pretty good. James still nibbles here and there but refuses any real meal. We are feeding them normal foods despite the uuuhhh.. well ya know, uuhhh "interesting" filled diapers. I don't think the kids even want to look at another banana ever again.
Natalie actually will eat a portion of a meal bless her heart. I don't blame James for not wanting to eat much. I totally get why. So, we just keep offering foods here and there. We always know that something is up when he refuses foods we KNOW he loves. There aren't many of them..but still.

So, it's day 5 of this crap. And we feel about 50% normal. Bleeechhh


Chicke3 said...

Oh my goodness Dawn I hope that ya'll are feeling much better very soon! If I remember correctly my little sister loved applesauce when she was little, so much so my parents had to regulate her applesauce intake because it would stop her up. So maybe you could try that with the kiddies? Yes, the weight watchers comment was hilarious! It was definitely a moment I wish I had been video taping just for the recording of it lol. Yes it is wonderful that the kids are so polite and sweet. This week has been hectic...and I never really was a believer of a full moon effecting behavior till this week....between the kids bouncing off the walls and Bobby acting weird....oh lordy Ive about lost my mind lol....anyway, I hope you guys are feeling much better very very soon!

Chicke3 said...

Hey I hope ya'll are feeling better too! yeah usually it can be cause by a staph or strep infection entering through a break in the skin (in my case a pimple) Over all I have seen three bumps in my nose and I believe 2 of the three have already burst and the pressure release helped with the pain a good bit but it still hurts, I went back to the drs today and was given a prescription for a pain killer and can return to school on Wednesday....Tell your sister to try warm compresses to draw the infection to the surface and get her to the doctors to be put on antibiotics right away! Its going to hurt really for three days straight I have cried on and off it has hurt so bad and if possible since you said that they are on her arm have her keep them covered it will help stop the spread of the infection and to wash all of her bedding in hot water.....sorry just trying to run through the list of everything Ive had to do minus the keeping my nose covered cause its the inside of my nose and thats pretty hard to do....I hope you guys are feeling better soon and that your sister gets well soon too!