Friday, September 12, 2008

busy bees

Things are pretty nutty over here in the Bent household. A good crazy (as I always say) but a crazy one for sure.
We've backed off with potty training with James because he simply just wasn't getting it yet. And "yet" is the key word. We know he'll do it one day soon. We still talk about the potty, what it does, how it's not a place to hide his toy cars, or put his hands in and splish splash around in..things like that. We'll go ahead and reintroduce it all again in a few more weeks. Oh and we tried the pull up diapers- the diapers we were all pretty excited about (Gammy bought him some with "Dragon Tales" on them!) and we thought we couldnt' go wrong. Well, when the cool alert stuff happens, instead of being alerted to go and use the potty, he finishes and enjoys the cool sensation.
Oh boy.
Gotta love him I swear. lol
He's been talking up a storm and we still have some trouble understanding him but we're staying optimistic that he'll get better with that when he turns 3. Not sure if a few months more will help but it may. If ..and a huge "if" he needs help (which we don't think he will but you never know these days) there are so many programs out there. He can't pronounce "d"s very "daddy" is "daaheey", he can't yet say "r"s or "l"s hardly at all either. But he tries. So that is good. We'll see what happens at his 3 year checkup. Until then we're not making a big deal of it. I think I just wanted to document it here for progress sake. ;)
James also had his very first official professional-did-not-scream-at-all-even-with-the-use-of-clippers-haircut a few days ago! I still have yet to get the big guy's picture taken with it. And being the bad mama I am, I even forgot the camera the day we had it done ( so wanted a photo of him being such a big boy in the chair). He did not squirm, scream, or even move at all during the while haircut! And I don't know if anyone remembers, I know I do (and so do the folks at the salon that day) but James had a professional haircut over a year ago and SCREEAAAMED so loud that even those miles and miles away heard the terror. Those days are gone.

Natalie is doing really well. She now cruises and pulls to stand without much help of leverage..such as pulling to stand while her hands are flat against the fridge. That freaked me out last week. lol I winced and thought to myself, "please don't fall ..oh nooo". And she didn't. She rocks. Pretty much everyday she's allover the place..well all except for the bathroom! She, as of now, refuses to crawl by herself into the bathroom! Even if one of us in there. And given that there are 4 of us in the house, there usually is someone in there. It's pretty funny.
Natalie can now say in her softest and cutest tiny voice, "choo choo" when she sees trains, and pants and barks when she sees dogs. She is in love with all dogs right now. She'll "meow" when sees pictures of cats or real cats. She met Salem again recently and thought that pulling the poor kitty's ear was fun.. poor Salem. James, however, is so so gentle with her now! He no longer pulls her tail and ears like he used to. When he saw her at Gammy's the other day she actually came right over to him and rubbed her scent on him! That is a rare thing for Salem to do with him!!!
Natalie has been ADDICTED to drawing with chalk lately. Absolutely just glued to it on some days. And she alternates with that and her doodleboard (with the magnet wand thingie). She'll sit there sometimes for hours. And then when she's bored with that she'll sit there and just want to read or be read to.
There's no doubt that this child is artistic.
And speaking of artistic check this out... (oh and few random ones for fun):

We have video below of James rockin' out too. ;)
He shouted, "A happy face with eyes mommy!!!!" and told me to take a picture. And I am so glad he told me to.
Hangin' with the big kid now...
Sleepy baby girl...

Behold here are some of Natty's drawing skillz (with some defensive coughing at older brother tactics)

Rock on James!!!!

One of the things that these kids love the most is bouncing on James' bed. "Natty come play?? Play now mommy??Can she please???" is all I hear after Natalie wakes up from her first nap of the day (yeah, still at two naps a day.. argh). These two could not be any happier just playing like this for a long time.

You can see the huge grin on James' face in the background when he gets to play with his little sis... so darn cute.

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Chicke3 said...

I wouldnt worry about Jame's speech. Just when you do understand what he is saying and it is said incorrectly, repeat it back to him the correct way. Secondly, its not uncommon not to understand a toddler, their brains are working a lot faster then they can talk, which can lead to a lot of unrecognizable gibberish at times. Plus R's and L's can be really hard for kids to pronounce, I couldnt say yellow for the longest would come out as wellow or lellow (I cant remember which my parents said)As long as he's trying to pronounce it the right way dont worry itll work itself out.

OOOOO Im so excited for Natalie!!!! :-D Keep up the good work kiddo! Thats awesome that she loves to read and draw!!!!

Just a reminder: Theres still a standing invitation to use my babysitting services lol.

Alright school work time :-)