Thursday, March 27, 2008

the challenge

In attempt to update this blog more often I am challenging myself, the momma, to update this blog everyday.
I know.
Silly me... But!! It will be pretty cool because not a day goes by where I say to myself, "hey, that's bloggin' material". Or.."I need to blog this!" and by the end of the day it becomes forgotten and if not forgotten, I just get lazy. Pretty soon I'll have a 1 year old toddler and 2 year old toddler and there are limitless things that have already been going on here on a daily basis. Plus, I've noticed alot of people out there (bloggin' buddies) are having second babies so this will show you that, yes, you may have your hands full..but it's still possible to have a hobby.
A hobby...
No more than that..LOL

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