Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I don't know why but I'm stuck in this rut lately with updating this blog..lol And I don't really know why! I mean..I guess I'm busy. Okay, saying "I guess" probably is pretty stupid because I am busy. But even when I have time I don't really know what to type here on most days. Things are happening so fast over here that I can't keep it up. Between James speaking in (almost) full sentences on occasion and being such a big helper now (if you ask him to get something he gets it! Imagine that!! I know I fantasized about that two years ago..lol) and Natalie being a little wild woman and sitting up without help, trying to crawl, and both of them needing to be entertained as much as possible...phew... it's tough. So many people I know or know of are having or just had their second babies and I feel so much better. That sounds kind of silly I know. But it makes me feel like I can relate EVEN MORE to people that have kids. And when I say I've been busy they understand.
We're in the midst of also getting ready to head down to Tampa a month from now. And we are so ecstatic. It's Ricky's grandmom's birthday and we're surprising her with our chaotic presence the day of her birthday and she thinks we're coming the day after her birthday. So, we've booked the flight, on our way to reserving a place to stay while there, and figuring out what to do on the flights to and from with a then 12 month old and a two year old. Sheesh. Any ideas are greatly appreciated! I know so far we've agreed to arm ourselves with a portable DVD player, movies/shows, and toys. Oh and Benadryl in case anything gets way outta hand (I hope I hope we don't have to use that..we didn't last time when we flew with James when he was 10 months old).
Well..okay I guess I did have some things to say. lol Many other things are going on right now but I'll save that all for later.
Gosh..I don't even have any new photos to post. I'll get right on that ASAP. lol

PS- Oh and did I mention that Natalie will have 7!!!!!! teeth by the end of this week? Oh yeah..time for steak! yum! lAnd Natalie has been great with teething. She gets fussy..yeah.. she gets grumpy..she nibbles on everything.. and she slept crappily all of last week, but I keep thinking that it still could be worse.

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