Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dear James,

We love you little man but this not napping thing has got to end. We know you want your "binkie". We know we keep telling you "another baby out there needs it because you're too big for it" and "it's actually lost James, sorry". But you're not buying it. We lay you down when you're so far out there and sleepy like we always do but lately you still won't sleep. Is this payback? Probably. Do I feel tempted to go and jump in the dumpsters outside and look for your beloved "binkie"? Yes. But I can't honey and to be honest with you I'm a little afraid of what i else I may find in there.
It's gone. But you're putting up a good fight that's for sure. We know you'll never be ready or even willing to give it up and that's okay. But when you're sitting in your 1st grade class and getting some strange stares because you're sucking on it, well honey, please don't blame us. And maybe by that time you'll get a job and buy your own.

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