Monday, February 25, 2008

clapping and a great heart visit all in one

Natalie is clapping ya'll!!!! LOL
She just started doing this yesterday out of nowhere. We don't even know why she clapped but she sure was happy about it. We'll get it on camera so we can post a video clip of it.
Today Natalie had a cardiologist visit and it went really well. Her oxygen saturation was about 84, blood pressure was fine, and her echocardiogram went well, too. Poor Natalie screamed the whole time. Oh my it was sad. She knew where she was when we walked into the elevator at the hospital and from then on would give her serious stare (the "who are you? what are you doing? get away or I'll scream and also blow snot at you" stare). Normally, ya know, Natalie loves people when we're out and about but wow..she hated every.single.person today. She screamed so much she even busted some blood vessels in her face. :(
But yes, she still has her clean bill of health and doesn't go back until August/September! And from then on every 6-12 visits will continue until her Fontan surgery. And right now it's still slated until she's 4 or 5 unless her Glenn shunt is not enough and too much stress is being put on her mitral valve..and even then (and if it's before she's 4 or 5) they may either A. go ahead and complete her Fontan or B. do the surgery after completing a type of angioplasty (catherization with a balloon at the end to open the arteries more). But it sounds like even now that there's a slim chance of that happening....
The doctor believes strongly that "Natalie is a perfect candidate for these surgeries" and those were his exact words. So basically, if you're gonna have a baby with TA Natalie's the one to have it because of how beautifully her body handles it.
What an amazing little one I tell ya.....


Unkempt Mommy said...

Yay Natalie!!!
So glad her check-up went well.

Anonymous said...

Keeping y'all in my prayers.
Liz's Mom

Dawn B said...

Thanks you guys!!!!