Wednesday, February 20, 2008

10 months for the Natty

Natalie! You are 10 months old sweetpea!!! I won't lie..we've already began to talk about your 1st birthday. We casually mention the party situation but we're not stressed out with that. Beings that you don't like large crowds it'll be a small get-together.
But anyway! You have 10 whole months under your belt and we just can't believe it. You have made leaps and bounds as far as everything goes- your personality budding even more, your physically abilities, and how you perceive things now are really coming out.
Because there is so much I'll go ahead and list what I can remember:
**you have been trying to, as I say, "go somewhere" while you are in the sitting position. You lead down on one side, both hands flat on the floor, you look ahead, and move your butt up a little and then you almost topple over. But you want to crawl and it took me a while to even realize that! I just thought you were going after a toy but I realized something was up when there was no toy even near you at that point. LOL I spoke to your daddy the other day and he told me that when he was an infant he walked before he would crawl. I think you may be following those footsteps.
**you love trying to stand!!!! It brings pure joy to you...
**you are in a funny stage of eating right now... you love your stage 2 fruits, you love stage 3 foods especially the dinners, and you are practicing eating bits of food like cheese, avocado, and banana. They're slippery so you don't get alot in your mouth but hey! it's practice.
**you are still addicted to cheerios!
**you start drinking a small amount of regular milk next month! woot!!!
**you hold your bottle all the time now and drink it yourself (so HELPFUL)
**you hate the idea of sippy cup unless it means you can throw it, tip it over, or sprinkle the juice out.. LOL
**you stare at all of us when we eat dinner and want what we have.. awwww.. you just need a few more teeth baby girl!
**you are constantly saying "dadadada" and "tootootoo" and "toe"
**you have 3!! top teeth coming in..they are just about through the gumline and they are the 2 top middle and the tooth next to the right side middle!
**you LOVE books still especially the soft ones and also, "Goodnight Moon"
**you are 21 lbs and counting.. and we just think of how happy we are about this we think about those early days (from right at the 1st week to the 4th month) of how you had a problem eating with your reflux and just lack of desire to eat. You gained weight, slowly, but you managed to. Now, you are gaining weight pretty much every day still. LOL We just feel so blessed.. my gosh....
**you wear sizes 12 months and some 18 month clothing. You are just so tall!!!! And chunky! You also need to start size 4 diapers. We are shocked. You need that size because of your height mostly.
**you started taking baths sitting up and even sharing some baths with James!!!
**your favorite toys are ... an empty water bottle and the remote. And our faces that you love to poke at, pull our lips, and have us "eat" your hands. LOL (you'd think this poor child didn't have a million toys) LOL

And here are some new photos to enjoy! There are some of James too for equal measure...

First time in the ducky tub! Looks familiar, eh?
Such a goofball....
Attack of the bunny!
The shirt that James is wearing is from when Ricky was 2. How adorable is that???
This is the first time that James agreed to actually climb in the car out of all the times we went to this park...

power to the people...


J said...

Awww I love the pics..Happy 10 months Natalie!

Anonymous said...

I was a 2nd child with an older brother. My parents tell me that I was crazy adventurous, while my brother was very cautious, so - watch that girl! Fun ahead!
Trisha (Liz's Mom)