Friday, January 25, 2008

we DO make mashed potato babies !!!

So Natalie's 9 month well visit was today! And it's a good thing our planned backfired and I stayed home with James so he could nap because boy oh boy..that place was filled with sick kids.
And I believe it. From stomach viruses to colds to flus to whatever else.. argh. Ricky and Natalie had to wait an hour to be seen which is almost unheard of with that office. But they sailed through the poor sick kids and saw Natalie (who by the way actually smiles at her doctor..LOL). From what I heard the visit wasn't too long but reminded us that YES we can go ahead and buy a bigger car seat for her just as long as it still faces back. PHASE 2 carseat for Natalie. I just can't believe it. This actually works out really well because James is getting too big for his carseat and needs a booster seat for his tall frame. So now Natalie can use his! Ahhh the joy of having irish twins. I tell ya, lugging that infant car seat in and out of the car is exhausting! And here's why (this helps to explain also why Natalie all of the sudden only fits in 9-12/12-18 month clothes now)... Natalie is 20.1 lbs!!! That's up like 3 lbs since two months ago!!! She's also (I just can't get over this one) 29 inches long!! And that's 1.75 inches longer since 2 months ago. Totally insane. The only concern and I'm not really concerned but I know the doctor just wants to be sure that everything is that her head is VERY large. But aren't all babies and toddlers? LOL Natalie has a much better shaped head than James did at the same age. His head was so wide and flat in the back and it really worried me no matter how much I didn't say on this blog. But it all evened out and now he has a beautifully shaped head with no worries. Natalie, on the other hand, has a nice, fantastic round head. And it never really got that flat spot in the back. But she went from 45 1/2cm to 47 1/4cm in 2 months. She goes back in 6 weeks to check her poor big head checked out. And we're pretty sure that her growth spurts are playing tricks on her. LOL All will be probably be fine...

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