Sunday, January 13, 2008

update in pictures...

Well and a few words. lol
Things are going well. Well some things could be better in the job front. Ricky's company laid him off with most of the other workers right before Christmas. We thought it was very temporary and didn't worry too much. Plus, since he's in the union we thought they'd place him with another company. Well, no. Apparently there is no work in the area or even remotely near..or even far away in Maryland or DC going on right now where they could use anyone. We have no choice, he'll be leaving the union and looking for work- particularly with the government. We had no idea how well they pay, how excellent the benefits are, and he's so qualified for so many of the jobs posted. The only slight drawback (not really but only a drawback because we need something immediately) is that you have to take civil exams. Some require many and other tests. But, we're pretty confident he'll be fine. It's just a matter of how long the process can take. His union failed to do what they were supposed to do- give him a job. And he's in the journeyman level and has experience being a foreman and it's kind of crazy how they still can't place him. We heard something about there are no jobs in his union until the end of next month. uhhhh.... yeah....nooo.....
Maryland sucks right now when it comes to the unemployment rate. And ya just gotta love how the taxes have been raised. The whole idea was to raise the sales tax and lower property taxes. Funny how our property taxes went up. argh.
All will be well though.
I'm doing okay... I want to post something soon especially for my dad but I'm still waiting for some information in the mail. We did, however, find out that he passed earlier than we were told. Sometime between December 7th and 10th. Again, a more fitting post about him coming in the future. We just need more answers....
And again, thanks so much from the bottom of my heart for everyone who posted comments about my dad's passing. Seriously. You guys are awesome. Each one of those made me feel so much better.
James and Natalie are fantastic as you'll see in the many many photos and video clips below.
Natalie's two top teeth are right there ...but have yet to poke through. She had a few rough days a few days ago.. but we are really thankful for infant ibuprofen. And cold washcloths. ;)

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Unkempt Mommy said...

You guys are in my thoughts and prayers - lots of big things going on in your life right now! But like you said, you guys will make it through and hopefully your hubby gets a job that is the perfect fit for your family. {{hugs!}}

(oh yeah, this is eipwek - just using a different screen name on blogger now;)