Sunday, January 13, 2008

some super piling skillz of James'....
weeeeeeeeee! And ya know, he is getting very comfortable going down slides now. With one of us of course. But he enjoys it now. I love the smile on his face.. =)
Driving! And I had to mention, right after this moment, he turned around actually wanted to go on this slide by himself!!!! Amazing right??!! He sits at the top, I put the camera in my right hand, hold my hands out to catch him down the slide, he starts to slide down, stops himself at the middle, flips forward, and launches into the camera face first. :( He had a bloody lip but he was totally fine! He got up a minute later and wanted to run around giggling. lol Oh James.... you are so tough. (And had to mention this too, the zoom of the camera was hit by his poor face and the camera was broken for a little while..but I popped it back in, prayed, and it worked again!)
This was all on New Year's Day. The weather was in the low 50's but very windy.
What a cutiepie....

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