Monday, December 3, 2007

James and his 2 year well visit!

Only 6 days away from the big day and we were able to get his well visit in today. Which is pretty awesome because we haven't had a real measurement of his height and weight since he was 18 months! So get this... James is 3 feet all even and 32.1 pounds and in the 90th percentile for both. He's such a BIG guy!! We knew he was but to see the numbers is just so cool. Dr. F was very impressed with James' word skills, the fact that he's trying to improve his jumping up skills , and that he's a pretty good eater and sleeper (although with he and Natalie sharing their room now he has no choice now than to wake up by 8am now..LOL). Natalie is such a morning person god bless her. I'm hoping one day it rubs off on me. LOL And one day again James will allowed to sleep in. That little guy loves his sleep. And god bless him for that too. LOL
He cried when he got his 2 shots (Polio and Flu) which we expected. But he bounced back very quickly and wanted to play 5 minutes later. And speaking of the flu shot..Ricky and I were kind of swayed by the pediatrician to get it. I'm glad we did. As she put it, "given the circumstance where Natalie definitely shouldn't be exposed to the virus you should really think about it". And she's right. She's really really right. When James had the flu shot last year and he had a mild fever and that was it. And it lasted for an evening. By the time he had the second installment of it last year he had no reaction so I felt very comfortable with today's choice. Now, with Natalie getting it we're a bit nervous. She goes in on the 28th to get the second part of her RSV vaccination and is supposed to get the flu shot too, but we'll see. She could very well have no reaction to it either and be protected. And that's why this is a tough decision.
James did great today and the new(ish) doctor is so good. We contemplated leaving that practice to save money on gas and go somewhere a little closer. Sticking with the same office is the best thing right now. They know both of our kids..and know them well. The same people are always there and have been for 2 years now. They're really really nice and are so flexible with us when we need to get one of the kids in at the last minute for things. Gosh..when Natalie needs to get in there and given her heart condition they do whatever they can to get her seen right away. There's no way a mom and dad can ask for better care for their kids than that. Leaving my old gynocologists office to go the sucky one (the doctor that delivered James who I miss dearly) that was supposed to deliver Natalie is something I still regret big time. I can't do that again. And to save a few bucks on gas?? It's just not worth it.
And on a sidenote..because it was his two year appt. with gave James one of his birthday presents- a thomas the tank engine train. He was on cloud 9. ;) Trains are now a second huge favorite of his and I gotta admit from working at a children's store for years that sold Thomas the train stuff I am elated. That was my favorite section of the store. I miss that company....

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Anonymous said...

2 yrs.??? WoW, that time flew by. So glad that Natalie is doing great! PP