Monday, December 10, 2007


Really??? You're ...2 already??? The time has really flown and we just can't believe it. On Sunday you had your birthday party and has such a BLAST!!! And you were so beat afterwards..LOL We took so many pictures and can't wait to get them up for all to see.
Well, James.. the best way to explain this past year is "completely and utterly awesome". You have turned into the most sweetest and handsome little man that a mommy and daddy could ever ask for. Or could ever dream of. You are so so smart. You are picking up words and pronouncing them left and right. You know part of the alphabet..particularly the part with "L M N O P" .. you know a few of your numbers and if you see them you'll shout "8!!!". lol You have been giving me "doggy kisses" lately.. which has me laughing so much that my stomach hurts. You haven't done that to daddy yet. He's waiting for the day. lol You try to kick a ball... you throw a throw tantrums but many (they're actually getting much more manageable to the point where we may not even call it a tantrum),.. you love get shy sometimes and then come out of your shell quickly because of your love of love your Gammy and love your Nanny and you say their names often especially when looking at their pictures. Sometimes we help you pronounce them because you'll mix them up. LOL You love your cars still and are now becoming addicted to trains. Anything that moves, makes a noise like a car or truck or plane takes your interest. I love how you love "boy" stuff but then you can go and play with your doll once in a while. And I promise not to tease you about that when you're older. You have become SO CUDDLY. You love to be cuddled while watching tv.. you haven't been this cuddly since you were a newborn. LOL You call me "mama" and it makes my heart ache with so much love for you. You have no idea. I can't wait until the day that you get to fully realize how much we love you. And to share the story with you of how I was in labor for 15 hours. LOL Or maybe I won't...
You are our firstborn. Our oldest. Our big boy. Our sweetheart. Our "bubs". You're a wonderful big brother to "Natty" as you call and you even say "sissy" and "baby" so much now when pointing at her. And if you don't know already you're going to learn that you're growing up with your best friend for life. You are truly adored James. We all love you so much. xoxoxoxo

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Happy Birthday James!