Tuesday, November 13, 2007

we got it back

Ricky and I FINAAAAAAALLLLLY have our room back to ourselves!! We put off the Natalie transition to sharing of the kids' bedroom thing for a while..mostly due to her recovery, keeping her close to us while she slept, and also, waiting for James' to quit dropping things (on purpose) on her head. And we did it!!! Actually as I type this, they are both napping together. Score! And they're learning the sounds and movements of each other as to not wake up easily when the other does. But I have to admit, last night/ early this morning was rough when both woke up screaming because Natalie woke up starving. James was a wee bit upset. He loves his sleep. Seriously. We lucked out with that little man. And let's face it, if Ricky has the ability to tune out my snoring, then kids have the same ability right? But in the kids' defense, they don't snore.... they sleep violently. LOL

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CaesMom2002 said...

LOL! That's awesome that they're able to sleep in the same room now. Like JD will hopefully become tone deaf to her screaming for food! That'd be nice! May just take some time to accustom himself to it. But, congrats sweetie. It's a HARD transition for anyone, and I am sure you're doing a great job as always at it!!!