Monday, November 5, 2007

one of these days she'll catch a break

Poor Natalie... she's fine. But, for the past 7 or so days she's had something going on with her left eye. It's very teary, red, and goopy. :( Well, at least that's what it has graduated to. It started out just being overly teary. So I thought, "AHA!" a clogged tear duct right? So, we've been using soft warm damp cloths to gently clean her eye every hour or so and also massage of the tear duct. Even Benadryl at night so she doesn't scratch it during her sleep like she was doing. And now it's graduated to what looks like an infection. :( Some sort of infection. The term "pink eye" is being played with.
So tomorrow she has a doc. appointment and do you know they tried to push it to Wednesday. We're like, "uh she may have pink eye!" We're in the midst of finding a closer pediatrician. Besides, Dr.S had her baby a few weeks ago and apparently is never coming back to that office and opening her own practice. And from what we hear it's way too far. That's okay though. We got lucky and hopefully we'll get lucky finding an awesome doctor again. *crossing fingers*
OHHH!!! But good news though. I forgot! lol Natalie can now be picked up underneath her arms now!!!!! We slowly tried it this weekend and she didn't even flinch. It's only been a month since her surgery! ROCK.

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