Wednesday, November 28, 2007

great news!!

Natalie had a cardiologist visit on Monday afternoon and she was given a clean bill of health. YUP!! She no longer needs Zantac officially, no longer needs increased calories added to her food (this is MAJOR), her pulsox was 90% even with screaming from being upset by being checked by the nurse (aww) and she doesn't even have to go back to see the cardiologist until the end of February '08!!!!! WOOHOOO
We are so ecstatic! All of the doctors that have been working with Natalie at Hopkins are so thrilled to see how well she's doing. She doing so well, in fact, that Ricky and I are blown away. I mean, you don't expect necessarily for things to go so smoothly with such a severe heart disorder. You just don't. But you hope and you pray and you hope and pray and more...and seriously, not to sound so mushy here..but someone up there is looking out for her. To say we're lucky to see her beautiful smiling face each day is an understatement. We are truly privileged.

She looks so unhappy here..but right after the flash went off she smiled really big. LOL

And something to look out for! I am working on a photo/video montage for James turning 2! I wanted to do one when he turned 1 but never was able to. I'll post it for his birthday. Which, if you can believe is in less than 2 weeks! And speaking of James (lol) he's doing wonderful. He's talking constantly..repeating every word he hears..which also means that certain four letter words are going to be kept mum until he's out of the room. He knows some of his colors and even letters and numbers! A really funny things he does with counting.. instead of starting off and saying "1..2...3!" He says.. "8...9...8!!!!" Hilarious.. He's starting to want to try more varieties of food now which has been so great. And he's been so good with Natalie. He still has moments where he tries to put a train on her head (for ex.) but he's great with her. Natalie loves him so much. We always say that..but she truly loves him you can see it in her eyes everytime he walks by her. And before I forget to mention! Natalie has been laying on the floor lately and pushing up her pelvis with her feet and legs bent! And her back muscles are getting pretty strong, too. And she's even back to doing tummy time again! Amazing!!! =)

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CaesMom2002 said...

YAY!!!!! That's awesome Dawny! It's great to see that the process not only went smoothly, but paid off! I'm so happy for you guys!! Love ya all!