Monday, November 12, 2007

confessions of a first time...uhh..make that second time mom

1. Everyone wants to give you advice on how to raise your kids. And when you don't take their advice sometimes you regret it. Very much. And you never admit that to the person who gave said advice. And sometimes though, you have to take advice with a grain of salt.
2. It's easy to become totally consumed with being a parent. Most days you feel like you live and breathe being a mom only.
3. Being a at home mom is sometimes boring.
4. My kids are tons of fun. More fun than going out sometimes.
5. Sometimes you NEED TO GET OUT. And if you don't your brain will explode. And so will the rest of your tired body.
6. Being a mom is mentally draining. Especially when you have a toddler. ESPECIALLY.
7. Being a mom is very rewarding. It just sucks you don't see that reward until they're much older. They're health and what would appear to be happiness is what you feed off of until then.
8. Cooking for a toddler kind of sucks.
9. Before I found out I was pregnant with James I did NOT want to have a baby. Like ever. Between what I called "the terror of childbirth" and having to actually raise I child in this crazy world..I didn't want any. But miraculously while pregnant and not knowing I started to want a baby. lol
10. Once James got past his colic phase as a baby we knew right away we wanted another. We (and I mean "we" here..) longed to have a baby girl. We really lucked out.
11. What would we have done if Natalie had been a ..uhh..."Nathan"?? We would have loved him just as much. But, I think I would have had to get used to the idea of having a boy again.
12. Ricky and I constantly go back and forth about me and/or him going back to college and also me going back to work. We still have yet to figure out what to do. Until then, things stay the same.
13. Being a mom is actually easier the first time around. Once the second arrives you've been there done that. True right? But sometimes it feels like you're experiencing everything for the first time.
14. Having a baby with a CHD (congenital heart defect) has actually been easier to deal with than when James had colic. Seriously. far.
15. No one tells you that colic can also be caused by painful growth spurts. I.E- James' huge body.
16. Being a second time mom made me more secure in being a mom. I always doubted myself with everything I did as a mom with James only. Now that there are two, there's no time to doubt. You just do what you gotta do and not think too much about it.
17. Slacking with the second baby in beginning solids is okay. And you realize it's because you don't want that second baby to get older like the first.
18. Having a third baby has been talked about. I know...... I know....... but not for a very long time. And this is mainly because I can't bare to tie those tubes.
19. I despise the expression "gettin' mah tubes tied".
20. Being a mom makes me the happiest I have ever been in my whole life. And that's no joke. But, it took me until James was about 7-8 months to get to that point. Before that, I wasn't sure if I liked it or not.
21. Saying "I'll never..." or "I'll always...." should never exist in your vocabulary. Especially before you have your first baby. Chances are those nevers and always will change.
22. Yes.. "spanking" is wrong. But tell that to the mom (ahem...) who has a two year old who just bit their mom's boob on purpose. And what's worse is that that mom doesn't breastfeed.
23. Ahh..breastfeeding. Tried it. Couldn't do it. The end. And it still bugs me and my boobs didn't cooperate after having two babies, but I've made the realization it's probably genetic from my mom's side.
That kinda sucks.
24. Babies ...all babies are born with small microchips in their brains. These activate at the precise moment that mom and dad are....uhhh... "playing chess".
25. Being a mom turns you into one of those people that spells things out instead of saying for sake of awakening the demon inside your toddler especially when I took the movie "C-A-R-S" back. And you realize it doesn't matter to do that anymore because the toddler keeps pointing at the tv and dvd player area where you used to keep that Blockbuster hit for a week.

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Mary Boston said...

Oh how I wish I would have found your blog when my daughter had colic. Your statment about colic being harder than having a kid with CHD assured me "this chic knows what colic is like".

The very few times I did venture out of the house and respond to peoples questioning faces about why my daughter was screaming, I was returned with "oh my so and so had colic, it's hard when they're gassy". GRRRR so many people have no idea what TRUE colic is like.

I'm sure you are stronger for weathering through it, and I think some times the second kid is easier, just because they don't have colic ;)