Monday, October 1, 2007

she's doing very well!!!

First, excuse any constant spelling errors and weird sentences that don't sound like proper we are exhausted!!!
Natalie's surgery/prep for surgery began promptly at 7am this morning. After all of the IV's were placed as well as a few other necessary wires and tubes the actual heart surgery began at about 9am. The Glenn Shunt was put in place with no problems and a band was put in pulmonary artery to stabilize her blood pressures. So far, she is handling the surgery exceptionally well. And we just got a call from her nurse saying that her breathing tube was taken out about an hour ago! This is great news. Slowly but surely..each tube and wire will come out over the next few days and then she'll be able to come home by next week!
Her color looks amazing for someone who just had major surgery too! Nice peach purple color in her feet. Her lips are nice and rosey as well as her cheeks. We took some pictures of her and we gotta say, she doesn't look bad at all! Beautiful as always!
We'll keep updating everyday.. tomorrow I go in at about 6am and stay there until about 6pm(ish). Once she gets moved to the intermediate care level, one of us will be there with her around the clock. I wish we could fast forward to next Monday!!!


CaesMom2002 said...

Atleast she's in some amazing hands now sweetie. I can only imagine how fast you wish this would fly, but it's the ease to your mind of knowing she's in the best hands possible. I am so thrilled to hear about her color being peach and "normal". Such wonderful news!!!

Kristin said...

What a little trooper! I'm glad it's been so far, so good!

twolinesonastick said...

So glad she's doing so well. I knew she would, but I kept checking for updates today! I just said a prayer for you and your baby :)

k said...

I'm so glad it went well. I hope the next days fly by quickly and uneventfully.