Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Okay, we are way behind here in posting updates! We have LOTS of photos and real updates to take care of by the weekend (we promise! lol) but for now just to fill anyone in on what's going on.. Natalie is at the pediatrician's getting checked out because somehow she developed what seems to be a cold. :( We probably mentioned this before, but she's not allowed to get sick like that for at least a few more weeks. At that point if she gets a cold you treat it like any baby getting a cold. And we are so clueless as to how this happened since we don't take her anywhere (doctor's orders) so she avoids getting sick.
Well for now, she's getting checked out. We're guessing she may have to have some antibiotics as a precaution since her tiny heart is still healing. She came home from the hospital a few weeks ago "stuffy" and stayed that way.. we actually didn't worry at all.. the mucus started a flowin' more by this past weekend.. many sleepless nights for her and us since she's been home. It got to the point where last night she kept waking up from not being able to breathe and choking on the overflow of mucus. That's so hard to watch. :( We've tried everything... propping her up in our bed, turning on the ceiling fan, turning off the ceiling fan, putting her in the bouncy seat, putting the bouncy seat in the pack and play to sleep in (she kept waking up in this because she loves to sleep on her side), we've tried Benadryl, vicks, hot steam from the shower, cold mist from the humidifier..nothing works at all. argh..
It's frustrating when you know that you've tried everything and nothing helps her. It's so crappy. Maybe the doctor will be able to give Ricky some more pointers on how to help her while I go and maybe grab a quick nap. And if this all really because of teething then we're really in for a tough few years!! another quick post a little later on how she's doing.


twolinesonastick said...

Poor baby, I hope she gets better quickly!

CaesMom2002 said...

Oh baby girl!!! My heart goes out to you!!! I hope you feel better real soon sweetheart!! I love ya!