Wednesday, October 17, 2007

hush little baby...

don't say a word. Please stop singing in your crib like a bird...
Note to Natalie:

Dearest Natalie,
We love you so much sweet pea. But it's 11pm and you're still awake after all this time. You barely slept at all today..but then again who can sleep when you keep being bothered. Today you were bothered by the nice doctors at Hopkins and you refused to fall asleep in my arms, staring at them very red-eyed so you knew where they were at all times. (lol) And I know, your big brother is pretty loud. He kept banging on the bedroom door when you tried to fall asleep this morning. Apparently he needed his beloved blue blankie pretty badly. And then a loud "James stop that!!!" didn't make things any quieter. Poor you.
Okay..yeah so please stop singing and cooing. As much as I keep laughing while sitting here, I feel bad for your daddy who has to be up for work in like 5 hours. I don't think he's laughing. He even tried to serenade you with his guitar to get you to fall asleep, but alas, you layed there giggling.
So, please feel free to go back to your OLD schedule of sleeping long stretches. I know your teefies hurt, but trust me..they'll come in great use for biting your brother in defense a little later on. Okay, scratch that I think I just gave you a bad idea.
the bad mommy

*** TODAY'S APPT WENT VERY VERY WELL! Pulsox is still in the mid-80's (very good). Weight is still about the same.. a little near 15 1/2 lbs, and 27!!!! inches long (we're pretty happy they're measuring your height now). And you had all of your stitches taken out. YAY! and apparently those were supposed to have been taken out by the pediatrician and in the words of Dr. R -"so everyone's a chicken huh?"
We go back for a quick heart checkup right after Thanksgiving!

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CaesMom2002 said...

This is the most precious entry ever! And as for Ricky playing guitar, I had no idea that he played! Little precious girl, I love you so much honey!! Teefers are always the hardest task to have though, and I feel for you sweetie...