Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy half birthday Natalie! (6 month update)

Wow. Just. Wow. Natalie you are amazing.
I can't believe that 6 months have passed since the day you were born! And it's because you have been such an easy and laidback baby. I remember being pregnant with you and being kind of ..well..scared that we'd have the opposite of what you turned out to be. But you are the sweetest, gentlest, and most awesome baby ever. You and James are so different. And that's what I think I love the most. How different you two are. And that' s a wonderful thing. But, then there are days when I can tell right off the bat how you two are brother and sister. You both love attention. You both have very silly sense of humors. And you both can be so patient. And I thank for that, especially when it's 3am and I'm stumbling across the hall to get the kitchen and make a start off crying, I tell you "okay honey..just give me a minute to get your ba-ba" and you literally stop crying and wait for me! ;)
You have become so full of personality. Each day and week a new part of you surfaces. There's not a day that goes by where you don't smile and now I can say, you flash those two tiny teeth in delight. You love strangers. In fact, you love people in general. Anyone who will sit there and let you "talk"'re in love. You love tags too. Anything with a tag on it. lol
You are now always saying "the" and "deese" (lol) and oh yeah, "as" and "it"..ALOT. We know that you don't know what those words mean, which makes it all even cuter and funnier when you say them.
You love your brother. Oh my gosh. If you have the chance to even be remotely close to him and watch him play, constantly circling you with his megablocks wagon or whatnot, oh boy oh boy are in heaven. And he really loves you. Lately he's really been taking a serious liking to you. He'll actually let you kick him in the head when your flailing your legs and feet in your bouncy chair. Like, he'll actually walk over and take it upon himself to let that happen. LOL
He even "helps" now. If you need the other day your bottle was in the living room and you and your daddy where in the bedroom, I asked James to bring your bottle to you and he did!
You've taken a tiny liking to solids. You're not exactly on any sort of solid food feeding schedule yet. And to be honest, we're in no rush because you get so many extra calories from your formula. A 60 calorie jar of prunes (that you love) takes a while to eat and it usually lasts two days. Whereas you eat 4-6 ounces of higher calorie Similac. You do love your fruit though..sounds very familiar with a certain James we know. lol
You love prunes, apples, pears, and blueberries. So far you hate every veggie. I take blame for that since my sweet tooth really took over during the pregnancy. lol
You can sit up but with assistance're still very wobbly. But we are in no rush to push you to sit up on your own. We know you'll do it when you can. And most importantly, when you're fully healed. You have, right now, about 3 more weeks of us not being able to hold you from under your arms yet. Soon..very soon.. you'll get to do more around here. ;)
And we couldn't be more excited.... for you to be tossed in the air.. to roll around on the play in your exersaucer.. to eventually crawl! You have so much to look forward to!! Oh gosh you just don't know. lol
The day you had your operation we knew right away that you were going to be okay.... right away those red cheeks and red lips were visible. When doctors and nurses kept coming to us asking us why you still needed to be in the PICU..well..that was pretty funny.
Natalie, I don't know if you know how lucky you make your mommy and daddy..but we are in awe of you. We even got a letter from your surgeon this week thanking us for the recent photo of you that we sent him. He is in such appreciation. And no one knows how much we appreciate you. We draw so much of our strength and happiness from you. And I think you know that. Maybe that's what keeps you smiling constantly. lol We cannot wait to see what these next 6 months bring.... oh the fun we're going to have!!!!
Your beautiful chest and tummy....
You are so silly.... I was talking to you and you kept flipping your body and head over to see me... LOL
yeah, I think you know that you're loved so much....


J said...

Happy half-birthday Natalie!!
I love you! :)

Valerie said...

awww! Happy 6 month sweetie! It's amazing how wonderful your scar is healing! wow! You look sooo good!! Love ya girl!!