Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a bunch of randomy stuff...

So, it is absolute that Natalie does not like the solid foods that we've been giving her. Well, okay she still digs the fruit, but that's about it. And for the past week she spits it all back out even when we know she's hungry. So, with inspiration from this momma we're going to try something we did with James when he was actually only a few months old..and if anyone remembers, when he was only a few months old, this poor child could NOT GET enough food! We're going to try giving Natalie some more interesting things to eat... real flavor!!! I can't really cook, well, I can follow a recipe..and I think if I can get pretty creative I can find some good stuff for to try. Hummus? Salsa? Polenta? Okay...I have to admit. I hate polenta. We bought some from the local Trader Joe's here and it was kind of gross. LOL And if anyone of you knows me you know I LOVE LOVE food. I bought the polenta thinking, "hmm..we've never tried this. It's corn based..can't be bad". It's like grits..but without the flavor. I put cheese on it and it tasted like crappy cheese. ick.
So, yeah..we'll see what happens..


James hates the monkey costume we bought him. It arrived in the mail Friday and he screamed when I tried to put in on him. It's really soft and actually not too thick of a material and again, it's really soft! But he's terrified of it. Yup.. 20 bucks down the drain. Our backup plan? A devil themed sweatsuit we bought him at Toys R Us for 5 bucks! And he has no clue that it's kind of a costume. lol It even has a tail.... So fitting for the crazy toddler that he is.

There's TWO of him....oh nooooooo....
Oh and before I forget to mention, James went nuts over the only fish tank there. That was pretty much the only thing that caught his attention at Zoo Boo on Sunday. LOL
Natalie went dressed as a peapod.

Our little sweet pea... lol


Every week I get asked if James is being or is going to soon be potty trained. I won't lie..one child out of diapers sounds very nice. Okay...REAAAAALLY NICE. But, he's not ready. 100% not ready. And that's actually okay. Because when he is he'll let us know. We look for cues, we let him sit on the potty, he puts his toys in the potty, he watches us "go potty", but he just giggles. The big giggles come from when you try to catch him to change his poopy diapers. lol I don't know how this kid does it, but he could wear that diaper filled up for the rest of the day if we let him. And we know that his bladder isn't yet ready because he pees at random times in and coming out of the bath.
He'll let us know when he's ready. All in due time.
Plus, momma here isn't ready. lol But are we ever really ready?


Natalie and James both have colds right now. It's actually not a bad cold. Natalie had it pretty rough all last week. It's pretty much just a head cold. The biggest drawback for Natalie last week and this week, even, is getting her to breathe out of her mouth. I think I'm going to start wearing one of those fanny packs and just wip out (real fast) a tissue on demand when they need it. Or even a wipe. Or pez for me. mmmm pez.


So last week I went to the dentist after like a million years. Okay, it's been like 1. Okay like 2 and a half years.
It was okay. No new cavities. yay! But with my mouth, those words mean nothing. There's always something that needs fixing. So, last week I had an old filling taken out and refilled since it was chipping. And I have to go in next week to get an inlay that was sized put in on a bottom tooth. That was almost a goner, but it was salvaged. I've had 3 teeth pulled in my life and I plan to have no more unless it's a wisdom tooth. And I gotta admit, if I smile you can't tell I have bad teeth. They're actually all straight and not too stained in the front. lol So, with that I feel lucky. I would go into the story as to why my teeth are in such bad shape (well..were) but that's for another day. For now, me and my 6 fillings are doing just fine. It feels good to have them taken care of. And this is exactly why James and Natalie are getting strict dental care. And especially with Natalie and her heart condition. All "chd" kids and adults have to be really careful with making sure their teeth are great shape.


We are so happy that Natalie is doing so well. Every day and so many times we thank "someone up there" for her being here after all she's been through. Today she sat in the exersaucer and even in her Bumbo seat and seemed happy for about 10 minutes in each thing. Right now, we're trying to slowly let her back muscles develop more. There's question as to whether or not her condition..well...her surgery has put her physical skills back a little and yeah, it has. But she'll catch up. Babies always do. With all of the time she's had to spend laying or sitting in her bouncy chair or swing, she's mastered how to use her hands really well.


James' vocabulary is really booming. The list of words he can say on his own is huge. Today, after watching "Yo Gabba Gabba", he kept saying "please and thank you". "Peez and tank you". "Peez and tank you". Looks like tv actually taught him something. lol!!


I can't believe we have to plan his 2nd birthday party! I have to buy invitations by next week and get them out right away. Oh my gosh....... whoa.......


J said...

Love the updates!
Peez and tank you! That is too cute! :)

eipwek said...

LOL - Pez!
I love Natalie's pea pod costume! Too cute!