Thursday, September 20, 2007

the word "underwear" appears in here more than once

This is such a sidenote for me (Dawn) if you don't want to read about how I don't take time to dress better or take care of myself a little better "fashionwise" then please I understand if you skip this entry. LOL!'s understood.
Right now I'm watching that new show "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style" which is on Bravo tv. It's an okay show. When I get sorta..kinda..interested in a new show I give it a chance at least 2-3 times. To make a sure decision of whether it sucks or not. This show has been okay. Until tonight! Right now they're helping a woman who has two kids, is a teacher, and everyday she wears capri pants and a solid color tshirt. *cough cough* sound familiar?? lol
Yes, it's the "mommy" look.
The premise of this show is for the person being helped to get rid of clothes that not only don't fit, but don't make sense for their body. And they keep some things to get them altered/fitted for their body. They even go through their underwear drawer! That always ends up being the toughest for each person every week. It's so personal! But, it's true..good underwear is crucial! But, I refuse to go into any more details about
This woman tonight looks FANTASTIC for not only having two children, but being a woman in general. I kind of hate that saying.."oh you look great... for having children!" No no buddy..i want to hear that I look great because I LOOK GREAT. lol Ya know?
So, this whole episode already has me thinking.. this woman, I thought, looks fantastic for her busy life. Let's face it, as a mom now and having two kids who are under two, I have zero time in getting ready. For anything? Here is how it goes for me and my family when we try to go somewhere..
Me getting the diaper bag together, making sure we have everything. Making sure James has his juice..Natalie has her bottle(s). During that time Ricky usually gets ready. Who actually takes longer than me!That's when I knew there was a problem. And he doesn't take long to get ready! Really really bad.
Then by the time he's ready to go and so are the kids, I'm just getting in the bathroom and closet, trying to change and I end up having James yelling and crying at the door..saying "mooooom!" Natalie is fussing for some I rush! I end up wearing whatever is right there..and sometimes I accidentally grab a dirty shirt thinking it's clean (i.e.- today I grabbed my gray shirt, thought "hey this is still clean I only wore it a few hours yesterday"). Big mistake. It has dried up mac and cheese on it. I discover this while at the postal place sending a fax. Too late.
That happens alot. And we're pretty good about putting our laundry away, separating the dirty clothes from the clean, etc.
And makeup. LOL
No time. No idea what to do with it anyway.
Wearing a skirt? I seriously can't even remember the last time I wore one. 10 maybe?
A dress?? LOL When Ricky and I got married in 2006 I wore a dress.
My hair.
It's curly. yes. It's pretty sorta.. I guess. But I'm so far behind in a haircut (no stylist here..just a Great Clips customer) and I still can't afford a much needed trim. Lately I've been tryyyyying to let it out but Natalie grabs it, so back to the ponytail it goes 99% of the time. And I refuse to cut it short! I had a buzz cut when I was 17-19 and I refuse to go that short again. Or even anything slightly longer. And something that is so weird with the back of my hair.. since I've had two kids there's an area behind my head that is straight!!! BONE straight. This just shows how pregnancy messes with your body in the strangest ways!
I even bought a really cool pair of "Chuck"s about a month ago. They're cool to me and that's all that mattered. And anyone out there that owns a pair of those knows that you don't initially buy them for comfort. You earn the comfort..because they are the most uncomfortable shoes. lol And now that I have them, I don't even know how to wear them!
And if I was in this show, was given the chance to shop many times, I'd have absolutely NO CLUE where to start. When I do shop, I hate it. I'd rather shop for baby clothes. I hate the pressure of the clothes even fitting to begin with, and for them to fit me in all the right spots...puuuhleeaaaze. Impossible. But I take what I can get.. at Target usually. And in a good month, maybe Lane Bryant.
So, this entry is full of rambling and I feel like it doesn't really go anywhere. But it just bothers me that I don't get to take time for me. And really, just the time to look more decent. I don't want to dress like a mom. But I can't afford (or fit in) designer clothes so maybe it doesn't matter. But one of these days, things will change. And if I'm still having this problem in another few years, then it's time for an intervention!!


CaesMom2002 said...

All I have to say is AMEN!!!

k said...

You're obviously not alone on this one.

It's hard when you're in a rush and tired and whatnot, to justify taking extra time/energy to primp your hair, put on makeup, or find something other than sweats to wear.

One small thing that I have done that has helped a little bit is to buy some "nicer" comfy clothes. And they're still comfy, but they're just not 15 year old pairs of umbro shorts, you know?

For example, I bought 2 pairs of black, cotton drawstring shorts (Target, Champion brand, $15). They're still really comfy, but since they're black, they can pass (from a distance or when I look at myself in the mirror) as "real" shorts and since they don't have elastic (just a drawstring), I don't quite feel as "homely" wearing them.

And then I bought some new T-shirts that were bright and happy and MADE FOR WOMEN. No more wearing my husband's big T's that have the arms hanging down to my elbows. I have a little stack of t-shirts that fit me properly (not too long in length or sleeves).

Just wearing a new, colored v-neck t-shirt with a pair of those cotton black shorts makes me feel 10 times better than if I had on the elastic sweats and paint-stained "class of 1994" t-shirt. :-)

But the last thing is, be sure to give yourself PERMISSION to wear the new things you buy, even if you're just at home with the kids. It's easy to buy new stuff and then "save it" (even casual stuff) and continue to wear your old digs. So let yourself wear the new stuff, you know? They're just cotton shorts and t-shirts after all, so if they do get goobed on by the kids, you can wash them. And if they get stained, well, you might have to buy another $10 t-shirt. It won't break the bank as much as if you were wandering around the house in a $79 J.Jill shirt.

All right. Enough assvice from me.

Good luck.

P.S. Way to go Jen. Back to school. Awesome.