Sunday, September 30, 2007 does this mean we won't find him on top of our fridge anytime soon?

We went to a really nice park enjoy the weather..the atmosphere, let James frolic, and also let Natalie soak in lotsa rays before being stuck in the hospital for at least a week (I think about how Ricky and I were in the hospital when I gave birth to her, and 24 hours seemed like an eternity!!!lol) So, yeah we went to the park which was pretty awesome and they happened to have had a dog show there too. It was over but a few people stayed behind with their dogs on leashes and their little ones ran around enjoying the slides and all. And here's James.. god bless him..running around excited..wanted to run after kids (LOL) and wanting to pet the dogs, but too nervous to..but wanted to follow the dogs and kept getting giggly. He really enjoys the atmosphere. So much that he refuses to go on the slides and swings. Actually, it's more that he just hates doing those things. He actually screams if we try! And alot of new playgrounds have those fake rock-climbing walls..he HATES those too! He hates anything that has him off of the ground/floor if he's not being held. We love him being cautious..but I feel bad that he gets so upset if we try. But like the title says, and in different words- at least right now and until he surprises us anyday, we don't have a daredevil on our hands.

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