Wednesday, September 12, 2007

random mix

There's alot of miscellaneous to mention so here ya go..

TRUCKS! TRAINS! BALLOONS! CLOCKS! oh my. James' biggest passions now.
Oh and giraffes. He is obsessed with those 5. Well, those and taking off his diaper.

Natalie is just so darn cute. She gobbles anything we give her. Any toy, it doesn't matter. And when she "eats" these things she makes this "aaarrrrrrr..mmmm...nnnmmph" sound. And it's loud. And so HILARIOUS.

She LOVES pears. So much that she "tells" us the whole time she's eating them. We have to get that on camera.

Speaking of camera. We did figure out what was making our pictures so choppy a few weeks ago at the pool. That is awesome because now we know for sure to never let James touch the Even to bribe him so I can cut his nails.

My sister Jen is back in school!!!!!!!!! She's officially a college student. We are so proud of her!!! And she can always know she'll get her degree way before I do. LOL

Natalie's catheterization is scheduled for next Wednesday, Sept. 19th at 6:30am. And like the doof that I am, when they called to schedule it I told the nurse, "oh, I thought the doctor wanted to schedule it in the second half of the month?" She tells me nicely how that, yes doof, it is. So, I have to find a way to get myself mentally in the month of September. It is not August anymore. And it's not 2006 anymore either. (Check)

James is so so social. He absolutely LOVES being around other kids. He has this innocent and sweet demeanor about him. He wants to be friends with every kid that skips, runs by him, and even almost tramples him anywhere we go. He actually screams in excitement!!! He doesn't understand yet that that scares some kids. lol And some kids are just mean and give him this look of "leave me alone now or I will hit you". I hate that. At some point he's going to learn the tough way that kids can be mean, but he has to keep being himself..the sweet little man that he is.

James is 21 months old!!!!!! Oh, and no more bottles for this kid! Due to us being diligent in him drinking milk out of a sippy cup or no milk at all, he now drinks cold milk from any cup. WOOT!

Next stop, keeping the fan off during the night while he sleeps. To prep him for his big boy twin bed.

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