Saturday, September 15, 2007

on her way to great health

Well, great news!!! On Friday evening, the doctors joined together as a group and had their roundtable discussion and Natalie was the hot topic. Natalie's heart catheterization has been pushed up to this coming Monday morning..we "think" at 6:30am. Thing is, the nurse who's supposed to be coordinating all of this has been messing up alot. But, in her defense she seems to be pretty overworked and probably overwhelmed. These nurses and doctors are Hopkins are amazing, but I wish we knew what was going on. We paged the nurse a few times yesterday (Friday) to only get a "I'll call you tomorrow." Today, Saturday has come and almost gone, no call. We paged her twice today, feeling like we're being annoying, and still, no call. We have been patient with this whole thing, will continue to be obviously, but it's getting crazy. So, we know it's Monday the 17th sometime early and get this- Natalie's pre-op was scheduled on this past Friday morning (the 14th). The same nurse called Thursday evening telling us that they need to cancel everything and to just come in on Wed. So, we were pretty confused. Then Friday morning they call us, I answer and they ask me why we're not there!

And I have to backtrack, we were also hoping to casually meet Dr. V, the surgeon who's going to be doing Natalie's actual heart surgery, around noonish that same day (Friday) since we were there anyway. And because it was all cancelled, we didn't go. Right? lol argh.... so luckily, I got the nurse/secretary whoever she was to admit that it was coordinating nurses fault. Basically, we still should have been told to go to at least get the pre-op done. But we weren't. And that was a bummer.

And now, we have no clue what's going on. But we can say. Thanks to so many wonderful "heart" families that we've been so lucky to get in touch with, families that know exactly what the deal is with all of this type of stuff, they have helped keep us sane. And there's is continued assurance that Hopkins knows what they're doing and that they will take the best care of Natalie. That's the one major thing- we know that they will. We know that she's in the BEST hands and we're beyond lucky to have Hopkins in our backyard practically. People from all over the world go there to get treatment or even to be a doctor there. It's one of the "it" hospitals around the world.

We just want badly to move past all of this ..get Monday out of the way. Hopefully get good news that the catheterization finds nothing new (unless it's good news) and we hope and pray that Natalie sails through it just fine. She probably will. We know she will. What makes us the most nervous is the general anesthesia.
It's just so great to know that Natalie's heart is on it's way to being repaired. It won't fix her, but it'll keep her living the happy life that she's been living. And that's the MOST important thing.

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