Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy 5 months Natalie!!!!

..must... kiss....cheeks!
"You wanna do what?"
"Oh! Okaaaay"

Natalie, we love you so so so much!!!! You have quite the personality..wonderful indeed. We can't even believe that you're already 5 months old!!! You bring pure joy to all of our lives (the look on your face proves Now you can grab toys, hold them and "eat" them in delight. The other day I was dressing you, put your pants all the way over to the side, I throw the diaper in the trash and look down, look right back up and you're eating the pants!!! lol! You love oatmeal with pears swirled in them..not mixed..SWIRLED. lol Just like how mommy likes her oatmeal too. We stopped the rice cereal because you weren't quite digging that. Veggies are next. Soon. You love to sleep halfway on your side. You absolutely love the blanket that your Great Nanny made for you before you were born. You sleep best with that particular one. You "talk" alot. Alot. lol And the sound of your voice is beyond cute. You love..we repeat..LOVE your big brother. He is actually your main source of entertainment. Your favorite thing to do ever? Sit in your bouncy chair and watch James play!!! We know you're taking notes so please don't do everything he does. Well, except for the good stuff he does. He's starting to even notice you! While on the phone with my sister the other day, James kept nuzzling his face into you! You loved it, he loved was definitely a memory tattooed in our brains. And don't tell James, but when you're not in your crib, he looks for you in there, doesn't see you, and looks for you. It's our secret. lol
Everyday that passes by we absolutely cannot get over how amazing you are, Natalie. You are proof that babies have eyes that are wiser than their age. Your daddy and I always say that you have a look of wisdom. We know for sure that you understand more than we realize.
When we found out about your heart condition we were pretty devastated. But you have proved all of the doctors, surgeons, even us wrong because you completely skipped the expected first surgery of the BT shunt. You never needed it! You are literally one in a million. And we already thought that before we found out about your heart.
You are so brave, strong, and full of life and happiness. You make us so unbelievably proud to be your mom and dad.

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eipwek said...

Time is flying by. It's no fair! Seems like our little gals were just born. But this is such a fun age, so I guess that makes up for the sadness of them not being newborns anymore.

Natalie is so gorgeous! I just love that last pic of her big smile.