Thursday, August 23, 2007

she continues to amazed us all

So, Natalie had a checkup with the cardiologist on Wednesday and the results are really good. Her stats where 88-90% oxygen level/pulsox and her weight, get this.. is 13lbs, 4 oz!!! My jaw dropped pretty low when the number popped up that morning. That's excellent! So, the visit went like this- we met a 3rd cardiologist there out of the small group. Dr. L was pretty cool. He talked with us for a while and I even got the chance to speak to one of our regular docs, Dr. G. Both doctors agree that Natalie doesn't need to have her caloric intake upped right now. That's awesome news too because by this time, and her being 4 months old and having "TA", most babies need more calories. Also, no echocardiogram was necessary due to her wonderful stats. And we found out some interesting news about Hopkins, they have only 2 (very overworked, very dedicated, and very sought after) pediatric cardiac surgeons. We can even set up a time to meet the particular surgeon who will be performing Natalie's surgery. Which is great. It'd be nice to meet this brilliant surgeon who's going to fix Natalie's heart.
Oh and also, she is due to have surgery in late September to mid-October. Thing is- we can't get an exact date because she's doing SO well. They, unfortunately, have so many children who need emergency heart surgery each week that the two surgeons are swamped. So, we are so lucky and blessed that Natalie's been coping so well for so long. She's back to getting weekly checkups now, too. Again, because she's growing so much and so quickly now!!

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CaesMom2002 said...

yay! Congrats! You got yourself one strong little girl! Gosh she's getting so big! I am so proud of her! And of you two being the best parents for her!!!