Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy 4 months Natalie!!!

Oh Natalie.
Our dearest Natalie.
Oh gosh you are so dear to our hearts. If we could think of one word to summarize you right now it would be- sweet.
You have shown us that we can go from having a wonderful baby boy who's allovertheplace and crazy and wild, to such a sweet, calm, adorable, and amazingly patient baby girl. You have certainly spoiled us for sure. Alot of people tell us that it's just because we're second time parents, but nope. It's not really only that. But it's because you are what you are. You make us amazed every single time you take everything in and seem so genuinely happy. You let us put you down for a few minutes without even making a peep to calm a screaming James, even if you're hungry and/or tired. You let James put your pacifier in your eye. You love to watch "Ninja Warrior". You hardly cry! And when you do we usually know exactly what's wrong. You hate your baths again. LOL You love to cuddle your blankets as you settle yourself to sleep. You love to be cuddled. You love to "fly" like an airplane. You're going to love being tossed in the air!! You hate solid foods (tried those a few days ago). LOL You love having your picture taken. Showing those big beautiful blue eyes. Oh gosh they are so blue. We don't see those changing color, ever. They've been so blue from the very beginning!
You love your bouncy chair. Sometimes, when we try to take you out of it you cry. lol You do also love to lay on the floor. You hate laying down in our arms though. Unless you're THAT tired. You love your tasty, pudgy hands and fingers. Just today you tried to put a toy in your mouth. You love color. OH you love the Hawaiian lei with all of the sharp and simple colors to be dangled in front of you.
You love your brother so much. He made you laugh yesterday while he stuck out his tongue and said, "aaahhhhhh". You kept giggling. Oh your giggle. You have such a soft laugh but when you do laugh you are smiling so big from ear to ear. Your whole face lights up.
You are so wonderful Natalie. We hope someday that you'll understand how lucky you make us. To be around you. To be your mom and dad. To be able to watch you grow.
We have a slightly rough few months ahead, but with how amazing and strong you are, you'll probably make those months easier than we think. You have us in awe and your doctors are too.
We can't wait to watch you sit up, bang your toys on the floor, take a bath with James, roll around on the floor discovering your surroundings, oh gosh.. crawl then walk. And going a little beyond that- running, throwing your food, and everything. lol
We love you so much Natalie.
Our sweet baby girl. Our sweetpea.


CaesMom2002 said...

Wow dawn. How inspiring it is to hear your words of Natalie. She is amazing! She's a fighter stronger then most. You make it sound so easy to have a second child. But, I guess in some way it's all about luck. I mean, not completely, but partially. I guess it's a good thing you didn't have her first because you would have been spoiled by that and then had little JD. It's amazing how things work out. It really is. You're such strong and loving parents, and that's what helps her pull through everyday with such simplicity.
We love you all! You're just awesome!!!

Kirsten said...

So very sweet! What an adorable pic! It is so sweet to read about your kids. You do make it seem easy! Why am I having such a hard time?! Ha

twolinesonastick said...

What a doll baby! I just want to squeeze her!

J said...

Happy 4 months sweet girl!