Monday, July 9, 2007

..they just get bigger and cuter each day....

Natalie at 2 and a half months.
James at 19 months.

James is officially in "full toddler" mode now. He doesn't walk fast and we call it running now..he literally RUNS. And fast too. So, we really need to be careful when we're out in public now. He gets away! LOL Maybe he's trying to make a break for it. Nah.
Random things about James now:
-he can say so many words but usually only if you say it before him and provoke him to repeat you. He won't say many words just on his own yet. Except for "ma" and "dad" which he says ALOT. He says "what's this" alot but very random.
-he understands SO MUCH. If I say, "okay James, it's breakfast time let's go to your highchair" he's quick to run to the highchair and wait to be lifted up. If we say, "it's time to change your diaper" before going after him he looks at us, laughing and smiling, and runs away.
-he loves messing with our mouths. lol Some new obsession. LOL
-he loves his books but is so rough with them. He'll try to eat them, throw them, stand on them, bend them backwards, you name it. Time to move 'em a little higher.
-he "gets" jokes now. If I do something silly like stick out my tongue he'll imitate right away. And they he'll do something silly and wait for me to imitate him.
-he still doesn't like the whole "newish baby in the house thing". He's sort of scared of her, but also doesn't want to have anything to do with her. It's all so frustrating at times though when he will still cry and scream if she makes a peep. We try to get him to laugh when we lower her or bring her close to him to "kiss" him but he runs away. lol
-he hasn't learned yet to help mommy or daddy with stuff..but that will happen soon we're told. Plus, if he doesn't like the baby yet, he doesn't want to help with changing her, etc. He'll come around eventually.
-he is very affectionate..loves to give hugs. He's in a weird phase right now though where he wants to be held alot. Probably because of being jealous and seeing Natalie held alot. lol ..poor little guy...
-he still takes a very long nap in the middle of the day!
-he loves to march in place and dance (his favorite dance is moving his legs out wide and stomping and going side to side) We'll have to try to get this on camera. LOL

And speaking of camera! We noticed that we don't have any outdoor photos of the kids. That's our mission for the next few weeks. We get out..not alot..but we get out. We just always forget the camera. and (pssssst... the mommy here would like to eventually get a decent picture of herself with the kids ... another thing to work on). LOL


CaesMom2002 said...

This is truly the fun stage. It's the in between age of interest, and just plain fun! They're so curious to know what's going on, but still a little hesitant. Enjoy these moment's while you can. And if you want Dawn, while D and I are in town we could take some pics of you, ricky and the kids outside. I want to have some fam pics too of you guys! :-)

Kirsten said...

I love this stage too! It's like they are still babies, but they know stuff and have a sense of humor! I am soaking mine up every day!