Thursday, July 12, 2007

social eater

I have never realized it until recently..and neither has Ricky. James is, in fact, a social eater! He will eat, literally, anything in front of him when we go out to eat. Now, "going out to eat" usually involves a buffet of some sort. Hey, where else can you get such a cool variety of food for a very picky toddler? Soooo...... James ate and ate and ate.. laughing and staring at all of the people around him (gosh this kid loves people..seriously, it's actually gets more cuter for me..LOL). James actually ate food without even looking down at what it was. So, we snuck stuff for the hell of it: peas, carrots, pasta shells, whole lobster, I mean wow, this kid ate it all without even caring what it was. And do you know he even grabbed food off of my fork en route to my mouth? LOL That was really the only time he actually LOOKED at any food.
And wouldn't you know that he won't eat any of those same foods again at home?

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lizcjones said...

That's so funny. Owen is the opposite. He is too busy looking around when we go out to eat and hardly eats anything, but at home he gobbles the food I put in front of him.