Thursday, July 19, 2007

oy vey

A great way to summarize recent events: James having meltdowns over everything, crawling on his sister and also piling things over her, his tantrums, but still being his cute self and so playful at other times, and Natalie just being ..well...Natalie (in one word: amazinglyawesome) Okay..that was two words. But still. This baby is so laid back and happy! Okay, dare we say it??? But she's the opposite of James!!! Well, except for the happy part. LOL But, if James wasn't the way he was it would be weird. Having these two babies isn't a handful, James is the handful. LOL But, we're crazy about that little guy. And his long lashes and big brown eyes are powerful when he wants things that he shouldn't have. You're too smart James.

Oh and stats on Natalie's oxygen and weight check for today's visit:
87% oxygen (taken right after her screaming so it would have been at least a few notches higher)
11.6 lbs!!!! She gained 6 ounces!!! And her hamhocks prove it. LOL And her delicious wrists too.


Jen said...

I love yummy hamhocks!

CaesMom2002 said...

Good to hear! That's great that she's improving so well.
As for the tantrums, girl, I feel ya. Claire's one min of good is followed by 3 days of bad. So, yeah, I understand hon.

Julie said...

yeah there is a lot of "be gentle"s over this way..he loves her but....just don't touch her head kiddo