Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Natalie's bracelet made by her Gammy!!!! How adorable is this???!!!
"Hey Momma!" (oh and don't let the date fool you..our camera was acting a bit wonky with the numbers. This was actually taken about a week ago).
Spot the James... he's our very own Waldo.


Anonymous said...

This photo (and caption) is funny! PP

CaesMom2002 said...

LMAO! Great pics of the boxes and James! And I love the face lil' miss is making while laying down. She makes the funniest expressions! Love it!!!!

CaesMom2002 said...

Oh, and I love the bracelet! What a cute gift from gammy! And oh, Natalie looks like she's ready to bust someone with her fists clinched like that! HAHA