Tuesday, July 24, 2007

big things happenin in these here parts

Katelynn Marie (Dawn's niece) will be here at any time now!! Sam, the mommy, is 4 cm dilated and 70% effaced and as her doctor put it yesterday, "I'll be surprised if you don't go into labor within 12-24 hours". So! Any day..well...any minute now! She's at home relaxing, trying to move things along like walking and all. She's really not in any pain so that's great. Contractions have slowed down to every 15 minutes. We are on the edge of our seats over here! Tomorrow (wed) is Sam's due date so if she gives birth that day, wow, that will be pretty cool.
While at the hospital we'll be spending our time with Ethan, her son (Dawn's nephew). It's going to be a circus around here... 3 children under the age of 19 months. LOL But, it's so worth it. And James and Ethan get along so well. They'll both have a playmate for a day or so.
Meantime, we're trying to find time to pack. We get the moving truck on Friday evening, load up at much as we can that night, and begin moving everything around 10am that next morning. Hopefully finish by 4-5pm Saturday, Sunday come back to the apt. to clean and pick up some last left stuff, turn in the keys, and we're done. I don't know if we've mentioned this before, but we are THRILLED to be getting out of this apt. lol

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