Tuesday, October 10, 2006


10 months..wow. You are growing so fast!!! We almost can't keep up. LOL But we do, and we love each and every day that we get to see your smiling face. And you're always happy and so laid back. You get upset sometimes, but always at the predictable times and you get over things so fast that even your daddy and I laugh because of the quick change. LOL You're favorite things to do right now are crawl, stand up, and try to climb on mommy when she sits to play with you. You also keep saying "Ga Ca" and we still can't figure out what that is. But you get excited saying it and we're still determined to figure it out. You also really like spending time in your playpen. Which is nice when mommy or daddy need to use the bathroom. LOL You favorite toys right now are your LeapStages Learning System that your Aunt Jen gave you ;), your phone (a real one we took the battery out of), and a container full of cups and lids that you love to dump out and "eat" each one. You love food too!!!!! You are the least picky eater ever. We can count on one hand the total foods you don't like out of the many, many you've tried. Right now you love eating grapes, peanut butter with bread, Gerber star cereal (you're number 1 favorite), and pretty much anything else mommy eats. You love to mimic us too. Especially when it comes to mealtime. We promise to try to better schedule your meals with our too. It's a challenge. LOL And your favorite thing ever is ....torturing the poor kitty. We know you mean well, but we have to keep teaching you to not pull her hair, tail, or paws. LOL You'll learn. And soon Salem will have another person petting her constantly.
James we love you so much. We can't believe that you're going to eventually be a big brother too. And a great one you'll be. Thank you for being so special. We love you!!!!

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Jen said...

Aunt Jen loves you James!