Thursday, September 28, 2006

And this isn't even Kansas!

Apparently, 15 minutes after we left this evening to take care of some business stuff a tornado touched down in the area 2 times!!! It happened only a few miles away too..which totally blows our minds. And me (Dawn) being the wanna-be tornado chaser, I was glad that we were gone, but sad at the same time. I wanted to see some action! LOL But, if a tornado were to be in my sight I don't think I'd be too brave. LOL
Onto James news! He is doing SO well. Already getting into everything in sight and he doesn't even walk or crawl! But he gets his body where it needs to go by scooting and wiggling and boy is he fast!! One second he's playing with his shape sorter in front of me, the next..he's getting into all of the magazines in the rack. LOL
And also, now everything is called "mama" or "dada". Everything. When he gets stuck in a position he needs help with he calls "mama". Whenever he's upset or frustrated he says, "mama". When he's hungry he says, "mama". LOL You get the idea! I love it though. I hate the sad "mamas" though. :( Just to see his cute face mouth these words is so heartbreaking. In a good way,..but I never realized how bittersweet it can be. You love to see your baby grow. But on the other hand, you really want them to stay tiny. That's one reason why I don't get upset about why he's not crawling or walking yet. Most people keep asking us, "what's wrong with him? Why is he not at least crawling?" Our response... "nothing is wrong. He's healthy. But huge! He has more weight to lift than most other babies." And they also realize that he's not a 12 month old (because he looks so much older), he's only 9 months. LOL And plus, James is really focused on standing. He tries to lift himself on any surface. He is amazing to watch!! Since day one we said that he probably wouldn't crawl. We were right.
Ricky and I never really thought we would be so relaxed with James' progress when it came to skills that he masters. I, especially, thought I would be ridiculously stressed if he didn't do this on time, or that on time, before he was born. In reality now, we just don't worry about it. We care very much when he does accomplish different phases/skills, and we encourage them, but we don't stress about it. Every baby, for the most part, will eventually walk, talk, throw, eat regular foods, etc. We all did, right? And James is no exception.
Okay, enough preaching..LOL

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